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Study and Application of Flow-injection Chemiluminescence in Antibiotics Pharmaceutical Analysis

Author XiaoLiuZuo
Tutor ChenXiaoLan
School Xiangtan University
Course Analytical Chemistry
Keywords Flow injection Chemiluminescence Luminol Bovine hemoglobin
CLC O657.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Chemiluminescence (Chemiluminescence, referred to CL) is a chemical reaction due to the transfer of chemical energy, the reactants to an excited state, excited state to the ground state metric substance release energy when the process of producing optical radiation. Flow injection analysis (Flow-injection analysis, short FIA) is a carrier having a flow rate, the sample reacts with the reagent to be highly reproducible quantitative analysis technique. The flow injection chemiluminescence combine to form a flow injection chemiluminescence method has high sensitivity, wide linear range, rapid analysis, the instrument is simple and easy to automate and other characteristics, widely used in biomedicine, environmental monitoring, food hygiene and material analysis and other fields. This thesis is based drugs on the luminol system has a sensitizing or inhibition, mainly for the following aspects of work: In alkaline medium, cephradine on luminol - hydrogen peroxide chemiluminescence intensity significantly enhanced role, which establish a simple, sensitive, stable flow injection chemiluminescence cefradine the new method. Under optimum conditions, the concentration cefradine 1.0 × 10 -8 1.0 × 10 -6 g / L showed good linearity within the range of The detection limit was 6.1 × 10 -11 g / L. On the mass concentration of 1.0 × 10 -8 g / L cefradine continuous parallel determinations 11 times the relative standard deviation (RSD) was 1.9%. This method is used cephradine capsules determination of the recovery in 98.8% 103.2% between. (2) in an alkaline medium, ampicillin sodium luminol - ferricyanide chemiluminescence has significantly enhanced role in establishing a flow injection chemiluminescence determination of ampicillin sodium new methods. Under optimized conditions, the linear range of the mass concentration of ampicillin was 5.0 × 10 -6 1.0 × 10 -3 g / L, inspection a limit of 4.9 × 10 -6 g / L. For 1.0 × 10 -5 g / L of ampicillin sodium continuous parallel determination of 11 times the relative standard deviation (RSD) of 2.1%. The method used to determine the content of ampicillin sodium injection, recovery of 98.4% 101.2% between. 3 Use the bovine hemoglobin (Hb) as an analog enzyme-catalyzed luminol - hydrogen peroxide system, cefoperazone sodium luminol - hydrogen peroxide system produces chemiluminescence intensity enhancement for the determination of sodium cefoperazone new method. Under optimal conditions, the linear range of cefoperazone sodium concentration was 5.0 × 10 -6 1.0 × 10 -3 g / L, the detection limit to 2.6 × 10 -6 g / L. For 4.0 × 10 -5 g / L of sodium cefoperazone continuous parallel determinations 11 times the relative standard deviation (RSD) of 1.3%. This method is used in injection Determination of Cefoperazone Sodium, recoveries of 97.6% 106.2%.

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