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On the Inheritance and Development of the Scientific Concept of Development of Marxism Historical Materialism

Author ZhuXiaoZhou
Tutor ChenShaoGui
School Hunan University
Course Marxism in China
Keywords Scientific concept of development Historical Materialism Inherit Developing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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People-oriented, overall, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept, of the development of the important thoughts about the inheritance and development of Marxism, is about the development of theworldoutlook,methodology and the embodiment, is China’s economic and social development of the important guidelines,is the latest theoretical results f the sensitization of Marxism, is about theory system of the scientific development.The scientific concept of development is the contemporary form of Marxist historical materialism, is the inheritance and development of basic principle of historical materialism.Thesis mainly discusses the richment and development of the scientific development view of Marxist historical materialism, the theory of productivity, the theory of social and history of organisms.Material production is the foundation of human existence and development, the productivity is the basic standard of the measuring of social progress and development. The first essence of developing is taking economic construction as the center, continuously emancipating and develops the productive forces, insisting on the development of productive forces and human development, the unity of the enriched and developed the historical materialism productivity theory. The people are the makers of history and the main body of the social and historical development。Human-oriented scientific development view on development on people, the development for the people, giving full play to the initiative and creativity of the masses, For the public to the people, being in power, realizes, maintains, develops the good the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people, Is the social and historical development activity subject and value of the subject position to carry forward. The comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the basic requirements is the inheritance and development of the object of dynamic balance and interaction of the theory of social organism. The scientific development concept is tying to construct a socialist harmonious society, to make the combination of the subjectivity and the respect objective law, to enhance the social development of the comprehensive and coordination and sustainability. The theory of history of integrated joint forces of materialism history definite the individual in society role in the development of history, emphasis on social and historical development regularity and the unity and purpose. The overall consideration basic method insists that people share in the fruits of reform and development, considerates all aspects of the interest relations, promotes social comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

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