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The Study of Extraction, Isolation, Fingerprints of Triterpenoid and Analysis of Trace Element from Ganoderma

Author ZuoXiaoYun
Tutor SunPeiLong;HeJinZhe
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Ganoderma Ganoderma Triterpene Fingerprinting Separate
CLC R284.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Ganoderma (Ganoderma) has been a valuable and significant effect of Chinese herbal medicines , Ganoderma Triterpene Ganoderma a large class of biologically active and pharmaceutically active compounds . The experiment of Ganoderma Triterpene microwave extraction technology , the determination of trace elements in Ganoderma HPLC fingerprint of the establishment and application , as well as the use of countercurrent chromatography separation the Ganoderma triterpenoids chromatographic conditions research results are as follows : 1) through ICP-AES method , the type and content of trace elements in Ganoderma . The trace element content differences between each sample , and there is no strong regularity , it is difficult for a unified summarized . 2 ) Ganoderma triterpenoids liquid chromatography elution conditions : mobile phase A acetonitrile , the B water 1 % acetic acid ( 0-5 min A 10-15 % ,5- 10 min , 15-30 % , 10 - 15 min A 30-40% ,15-20 min A 40-45% ,20-30 min A 45% -50% ,30-40 min A 50%). A flow rate of 1 mL / min, detection wavelength 254 nm, injection volume : 10μL, Waters C18 column . And the use of traditional Chinese medicine chromatographic fingerprint evaluation system Ganoderma lucidum samples of ten different regions the triterpenoid color map analysis , Reference Fingerprint Ganoderma lucidum , this map has a certain representation of Ganoderma lucidum . Analysis of other species of Ganoderma , with significant differences seen between different species of Ganoderma lucidum triterpenes chromatogram . 3 ) establish the best microwave extraction of Ganoderma triterpenoids conditions : extraction temperature 75 ° C , power 870 w, liquid feed ratio of 33 mL / g, extraction time of 17 min . The microwave extraction Ganoderma triterpenoids average yield reached 1.043 percent . 4) establishing a countercurrent chromatographic conditions preliminary separation Ganoderma triterpenes, the chromatographic conditions are: n - hexane : ethyl acetate: methanol: water = 12:24:16:9 (v / v ) , relative to stationary phase , the rotational speed of 850 rmp / min, mobile phase flow rate of 1.2 mL / min. Preparative liquid isolated compound of the two kinds of Ganoderma purity of 87.24% and 91.46% , respectively . By LC-MS analysis of these two compounds molecular weight of 474,458 . Compared to the previous literature that may for the Lucidenic aid B Lucidenic acid E1 compound Ⅱ compound Ⅰ may Lucidenic acid A.

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