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Effects of Rougan Granules in Serum MMP-2 of Hepatic Fibrosis Patients

Author ZhouYun
Tutor XieJingRi
School Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Rougan Granules Hepatic fibrosis Matrix metalloproteinase-2
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Objective: To investigate the effects on serum MMP-2 of hepatic fibrosis patients, probe into the mechanism of Rougan Granules. Methods: Select sixty hepatic fibrosis patients, divide them into two groups randomly, each group was thirty patients. Treatment group take Rougan Granule, three times a day, once a bag (10g each bag); Control group take Dahuangzhechong wan, three times a day, once a piece. The treatment course is two months.Results: 1 Clinical symptom of both groups has been greatly improved, and the effective rate of treatment group is higher than control group. 2 The level of serum liver function obviously decrease after treatment, such as ALT、AST、GGT, each group has statistical significance(p<0.05). There is no statistical difference between the two groups(p>0.05).3 The level of serum four parameters markers of liver fibrosis, HA、LN、PCⅢ、C-Ⅳ, has significant differences after treatment(p<0.05).There is no relatively obvious differences between the two groups(p>0.05).4 The content of serum MMP-2 of treatment group obviously falls, it has statistical significance(p<0.05), and better than control group.Conclusions: 1 Rougan Granules can decrease the expression the serum MMP-2 of hepatic fibrosis people, that maybe one of function mechanism of Rougan Granules.2 Rougan Granules can better clinical symptoms of hepatic fibrosis patients. 3 Rougan Granules can decrease the level of serum ALT、AST and four parameters markers of liver fibrosis patients, better liver function of liver fibrosis patients and has good anti-hepatic fibrosis effect.

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