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A Comparative Study of Jiaguwen’s Image and Dongbawen’s Image

Author YuShuFen
Tutor QiuJinChun
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords Jiaguwen Dongbawen Image culture-thinking
CLC H121
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Jiaguwen is the earliest character discovered in china so far, which is used by Han nation. The discovered Jiaguwen mainly existed in Yinshang dynasty. Dongbawen is the character used by dongba who are the president of ritual in Naxi nation. These characters were used since Song dynasty. Jiaguwen and Dongbawen were all the natural characters and had their own origins as well as ways of development. They had different origins, but both were the meaning-sound characters and have recorded the contents related to rituals, which forms the precondition of the comparison between Jiaguwen and Dongbawen.On the comparison of Jiaguwen and Dongbawen, we shouldn’t focus only on comparison of characters or some character groups. We can’t stay on the comparison of the form of characters either. We should go into the culture and thinking which stay behind the form of characters. So the thesis introduces the concept Image, which replaces some concepts such as pianpang, bushou, zisu, gouxing. This concept not only connects with the image of the world showed in characters, but also connects to the cognition, feeling and sentiment. The introduction of the Image will build a bridge for the comparison of the two different characters, which will deepen the study of the character.This thesis will mainly compare the Image of Jiaguwen and Dongbawen in the following aspects:1. The comparison of basic Image. In this part, we will list all of the basic Images which exiting in the two kinds of characters and divide them into different types according to their meanings. Then we will compare their forms and analyze the numbers of Image. Lastly, we will present the similarity and the difference between the two kinds of characters and summarize the characteristics, rules of development and the relationship between characters and culture-thinking.2. The comparison of the relationship of basic images. In this part, we will list the different Image’s relationship which existing among meaning-sound characters. At the same time, we will compare the two different kinds of characters on Image. In revealing the rules of combination of the character’s image, we will compare the similarities and differences between Jiaguwen and Dongbawen in this research. And we will also analyze the cultural phenomenon. 3. The comparison of the typical characters which have the same meanings. In this part, we will compare some characters which belong to the two different kinds of characters and have the same meanings to discover how the culture and the thinking work on the characters’image and the combination of image.By this comparison, we can find:1. In fact, the earlier meaning-sound characters such as dongbawen and jiaguwen are also a system of image.2. Character is close relative to culture and thinking. Objective world can be showed as image in character and character reflects objective world by adding human’s thinking and affection.3. We will know the character of jiaguwen and dongbawen to a great extent through this research. There are all the meaning-sound characters but their form and proportion of expressing meaning is different. In general, Jiaguwen is more mature than dongbawen.

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