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The Influence of Zong Baihua’s Idea of Artistic Life from Goethe

Author YanZuo
Tutor JiShuiHe
School Xiangtan University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Goethe Zong Baihua Artistic outlook on life Affect
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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John Wolfgang Goethe (Johann Wolfgang Goethe ,1749-1832), not only on behalf of the German classical literature and national literature, is also deeply influenced the great writer one pair of Chinese readers. They set off for an not a small the \when the number of Zong Baihua. Zong Baihua (1897-1986), one of China's most important esthetician as the 20th century, and Mr. Zhu Guangqian called \generation of aesthetes. He has a a profound classical literature accumulated, and inspired by the influence of ideas of May, based on the times to survive the experience, carried out its own unique aesthetic thinking. Exploration of the beauty of his vision of the poet, poetic words depicting the experience of beauty. The Aesthetic Idea Of both rooted in the fertile soil of Chinese traditional culture, but also to learn the essence of the Western aesthetic thought. The experience of studying abroad to Zong Baihua provide new cultural perspective and aesthetic experience, but also made him sort of understanding of the profound understanding and personalized German philosophy and aesthetics. Both recognition and acceptance of the philosophy of Kant, Schopenhauer thought to absorb, or thinking of French Bergson, life philosophy, laid the theoretical foundation for the formation of Zong Baihua future philosophy, aesthetics thought. Zong Baihua as one of the major scholars of translating Goethe, has a profound understanding of the personality and life of Goethe, Goethe has a different kind of feelings. He translated than learning Chomsky Goethe 'and Goethe - is a matter to people in humanity \Goethe's personality, life, work, and spoke highly of the Goethe Personality Model revelation to the world, and Goethe who found the perfect combination of art and life. Goethe Zong Baihua artistic outlook on life mainly in the following points: First, the Goethe personality beauty, the beauty of life affect Zong Baihua's art philosophy of life; second is the life of a person in the \the life of the spirit in China; \Goethe walked Zong Baihua impact Zong Baihua reason is personal experience and Zong Baihua, Zong Baihua is closely related to the times, the beauty of the Goethe personality beauty and Zong Baihua worship Jin similarities academic and Zong Baihua and psychological identity is closely linked.

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