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Restoring of the Dafeng Milu’s Population and Investigating Disease

Author WangLiBo
Tutor FeiRongMei;DingYuHua
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Veterinary
Keywords Milu (Elaphurus davidianus) Wild population Restoration Disease investigation
CLC S865
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Based on the full demonstration of Mi Lu’s natural, geographical, historical distribution and status and the statistical analysis result of the Dafeng Mi Lu population dynamics situation, both the natural growth and effective population of Mi Lu populations were well studied in this paper, also the Mi Lu life table was established. According to the physiological effects, behavioral expression, to remove the horns and molting period of change in antler of wild Mi Lu, we summed up some experience we have gained from the wild populations of Dafeng Mi Lu restoration. Besides, in this paper we also collected records and reports of Mi Lu grazing incidence from several important domestic Mi Lu, by different methods of classification statistics, studied the incidence patterns and trends in Mi Lu, which provided very important theoretical evidence for the restoration and disease prevention of Dafeng Mi Lu populations. The major findings are as follows.1. Since introduced in 1986, Dafeng Mi Lu population rapidly adapted to the original habitat of their ancestors, as of 2008 has been developed to 1317, average annual growth rate is 16.54%. Dafeng Mi Lu population growth is still increasing by exponential growth, during which the instantaneous growth rate is 0.1530, it was forecasting that the Mi Lu population will increase to 2083 by the end of 2011.2. To 2008, its effective population have reached 105, which had exceeded the minimum viable population Mi Lu standards. Thorough the life tables of Mi Lu populations, studies show that Mi Lu population’s life expectancy in the Dafeng is 15 years.3. According to the time data of the wild Mi Lu (1998~2004) birth, removing the horns antler, molting period, the wild Mi Lu birth to a child should be advanced to 20 days relative to the semi-wild Mi Lu, and in the aspect of removing the horns Antler speed, should be advanced to 20~30 days.4.49 new wild Mi Lu behaviors (comparing with the book《extinct species of deer’s biology and management.》) were recorded by monitoring, which further shows that in the original habitat restoring Mi Lu wild populations can not only be achieved, but also will become a reality soon.5.10 reports on the Mi Lu in morbidity and mortality have been collected, which recorded 22 Mi Lu cases. The results show that the incidence rate is 0.67%, the cure rate is 10%, among these diseases digestive disease, happened highly accounting for 50% in which adult Mi Lu accounted for 90.91%, higher than the larvae. In all reports, the highest incidence happens in the third quarter over the whole year. These reports play a significant role for the Disease Control and Prevention and the daily management of Dafeng Mi Lu populations.

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