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Our Country Outstanding Pingpong Athlete Straight Board Hits the Technical Utilization and the Trend of Development Research Horizontally

Author WangYongLong
Tutor YuHong
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Table tennis Straight transverse to play Technical and tactical Development trends
CLC G846
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In this paper, cross-dozen of active players Ma Lin and Wang Hao at home and abroad excellent table tennis players in the game straight technology usage statistics, the competition is divided into the aggress segments, then aggress segment, the stalemate segment three parts paragraphs their usage of technology and the scoring rate for statistical analysis, summed up the running game some of the common pen-hold grip and regularity, and new competition system and new rules brought in some of the issues and the future development of the play trends in order to further improve the technical level of the pen-hold grip running game as scientific theories and reference. Through literature, video analysis, comparative analysis, mathematical statistics and sub-indicators to evaluate the method for statistical analysis. The following conclusions: Marin, Wang Hao, represented by the pen-hold grip running game, they are sights to serve as the main means of scoring. Backhand technologies have their own characteristics, but there are varying degrees of problems. Hold Backhand After 10 years of development, has become the essential technology of Chinese pen-hold grip running game. Hold Backhand technology has greatly increased the backhand straight fast-break player, has become a means of direct score, but not the most important means of scoring in use should be careful not to lose the pen-hold grip running game of their own characteristics. The impact of reforms of the new rules make the table tennis competition is not just the first three panels of the competition, the straight running game is great, straight cross to fight the use of technology the straight athletes stalemate was significantly improved, and basically have the with horizontal plate athletes backhand stalemate ability to take the initiative to make the game more. The straight horizontal play technology and Tuidang running range smaller, significant savings in the physical fitness of athletes, and not too much air when, in order to ensure the usage and success rate of the forehand forehand. Technically, Hold Backhand technology can give full play to the advantages of pen-hold grip the running game, the pen-hold grip running game more flexible, strengthen the pen-hold grip running game players tieback Loop regain the initiative the ability, but also improve the power of the pen-hold grip running game in the first three panels. Has become an inevitable trend as table tennis technology continues to progress and updates, technical comprehensive, straight cross-play technology to strengthen the pen-hold grip running game player tieback loop drive change from passive to active ability to improve the pen-hold grip fast attack the power of law in the first three panels. Cross to play in enhancing the pen-hold grip the technology hit rate and the scoring rate, we must also adhere to the strategy and tactics based forehand attack.

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