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The Women’s Volleyball Lebero’s Selection and Training

Author MaZhen
Tutor ShiHongRu
School Hebei Normal
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords women’s volleyball team Lebero The Olympic Games training select cultivate
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The Libero defensive player (also called free Libero), it is to point to full-time rear defender, mainly responsible for receiving and defense mission. Chinese women’s volleyball team is a deeply people respect team, is China’s three big ball only around world champion team. Chinese women’s volleyball team through long-term training formed rapid changeful tactical system, making Chinese women’s volleyball team at the world libero has a pivotal position. Chinese women’s volleyball team at the World Cup in 2003, 2004 Olympic final win, is with free nearly 70 percent of the receiving the success rate is inseparable. But during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chinese women’s volleyball team at widely valued circumstances, ultimately failed to not mian unavoidable long-term care all the other women volleyball) the masses sigh. Through to the women’s volleyball games venues in three games loss analysis, it is easy to see the play to become free position win-loss towards the key influence factors. The same free man, at the 2004 Olympics is dinghai, into the team tactics makes full use of foundation. And after four years, with its technology more mature, tournament experience more rich, the 2008 Olympic Games on the pitch but performance of entirely different, into the team factors of instability.In recent years, free as Chinese women’s volleyball team has been a dominant position, in various international competitions various technique ranking bests for Chinese women’s volleyball team, obtains the excellent result made great contributions. But since the 2003 World Cup ZhangNa long-term since, occupying the position of free men. During this national games is very hard to see other free play, this would make free this position selection relatively lags behind, it is precisely because the free position to the lack of necessary competitive mechanism. The young players get plenty of exercise chance, just make long-term injury-troubled ZhangNa eventually into 2008 Olympic volleyball final lists. ZhangNa inclusion free location underlines the talent reserve shortage. Critical moment coach dare not enable newcomer, consider experience, not heavy state. Through to the 2008 Beijing Olympic volleyball freeman post-match statistic study found that Chinese women’s volleyball team freeman receiving play is not stable, makes women’s volleyball quickly become tactical doesn’t operate smoothly. And then they attack the overall morale. Chinese women’s volleyball team tactial free as the key factor is not sufficiently attention from free rules issued today, international free been repeated other position players visiting. This to free the selection and training is extremely disadvantageous, plus China women’s volleyball team of talent reserve extremely deficient, excellent free more rare. Chinese women’s volleyball team in recent years from the game can see, free indeed for excellent achievements played an extremely important role, but from free selection and training system in the current state of perspective, with the important position in the team is extremely discrepancies.According to the research needs, based on 2008 Olympic volleyball final four games, Chinese women’s volleyball team freeman receiving as the research object. By using the method of documentation, observation and mathematical statistics, logic analysis for the use of free men volleyball 1-butaneis analyzed some conclusions and puts forward the corresponding proposal.1. The volleyball freeman height should be in 173-177 between, this highly can guarantee free on-court flexible, and adequate control defensive area.2.The liberty in the selection process, special attention to their psychological qualities and psychological adjustment ability.3.The libero selection of their intelligence discretion when attention.Four, the liberty in training, to strengthen its good training, strengthens to receiving direction, power efficiency control.5. strengthen its special physical quality training.6.The author thinks, free for Chinese women’s volleyball team is extremely important to recognize outstanding free the selection and training is a long-term, system engineering, selection to science, leading to comprehensive training for the former title. Factors influencing the development of China women volleyball free for Chinese women’s volleyball team libero factors, cultivating and developing countermeasures. Hope to achieve the effect of spots and Chinese women’s volleyball team level, to promote all-round improvement of help, for Chinese women’s volleyball team 2012 London Olympics strives for good grades and longevity, gives some basis.

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