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The Optimal Technique of Extended Reach Well Profile

Author LiangChengLiang
Tutor LiZuo;YangYuJing
School Xi'an University of Petroleum
Course Petroleum and Natural Gas
Keywords Extended Reach Well Profile Optimal Technique
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The one of the difficult problem of the Extended Reach Drilling Technology is to design the optimal profile. To carry out the Extended Reach Well profile optimization design method, the non-linear mathematical programming theory was introduced to the design to the optimal profile of Extended Reach Well. Put forward a well bore length of the shortest objective function, optimal design of large displacement cross-section wells mathematical method; the use of the method were established by circular curves, catenary, lateral catenary, the amendment catenary, lateral orbital amendment catenary Optimization design model. According to the most brachistochrone principle, proposed a new track section--cycloidal orbit, and gives the optimization model and design methods. Comparative analysis shows that when the horizontal displacement is large, cycloid orbit with a shorter casing length, friction, and friction characteristics of a small twist. According to different tracks within a borehole drill string friction and the friction torsion calculation results and analysis show that the large displacement wells, and stabilize the slope segment accounts for the friction in the main part of the overall friction. When the bending Hole drill string pressure, the drill string and the borehole wall contact force increases, will result in a significant increase in the overall sliding friction. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing sliding friction to prevent the bending section of drill string pressure on the basis put forward the concept of the critical stability angle. When put forward the concept of critical angle for the large displacement cross-section design of wells to determine the key parameters of solid angle provides a theoretical basis and selection range. Proposed an integrated optimization design method of borehole length, the friction Moroccan twist angle stability analysis and critical concepts, this paper established a two-dimensional large displacement Well Trajectory optimization design methods and procedures. Using the method of extended reach wells profile design, with a track length of the short, twisting friction, friction is small, the advantages of simple design and calculation.

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