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Research on the Current Situation and Strategy about Social Work Profession in Universities of Hubei District

Author FengWenJuan
Tutor WanJiangHong
School Huazhong Agricultural University
Course Sociology
Keywords Hubei Province Colleges and Universities Social Work Education Plight
CLC C916
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Reference to existing research results on the basis of the theory of sociology as a guide for the survey, Hubei College of Social Work professional teachers and students, the use of the combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, Hubei university social work profession educational achievements of the causes of the difficulties faced by their plight discussed, and on this basis put forward countermeasures to solve the dilemma. The full text reads as follows: The article first describes the achievements of Hubei College of Social Work Professional Education in the 10 years of the development process. Article, the achievements of Hubei College of Social Work Professional Education, not only an increase in the number of colleges and universities in the creation of the social work profession, geographical distribution more reasonable, but also in terms of enrollment size, school level, teaching conditions have been improved, especially The Hubei University social work profession teachers and students are trying to participate in the practices of the social work profession localization. Second, we examine the difficulties faced by the college in Hubei Social Work Education. Article, Hubei College of Social Work Professional Education in the actual operation of the process, faced many difficulties, mainly in five areas, low sense of professional identity enrollment difficulties; personnel training objectives and lack of features; Three is a theory of light training the teaching links predicament; hardware and software teaching resources dilemma; \These difficulties seriously hampered the development of Hubei College of Social Work Professional Education. Re-analysis of the causes of Hubei College of Social Work Professional Education predicament. The article that the causes of Hubei College of Social Work Professional Education plight mainly in three aspects: First, to see a counselor full of traditional cultural traces and subject to the administrative control of the help system makes social assistance channels are not clear, resulting in the community for professional identity crisis; followed by the uneven development between the Social Work Education and Professional fuzzy contradictions caused by the advance the development of higher education and social needs of the social work profession; three Majors hastily, professional practice and identity sense education is neglected, coupled with the university's own economic and geographic conditions, resulting in the plight of university social work education in teaching and teaching resources. The causes of the plight of not only restricted the scale of development of the social work profession, but also affect the quality of personnel training. Finally, we discuss ways to solve the problems of Hubei University Social Work Education predicament. Article, take both policy support and advocacy, to speed up the process of professionalization of social work and enhance social identity; personnel training and talent market demand, to the aim of developing talents to enhance the quality of professional training to establish the new role of professional teachers; Third, the establishment of a regional professional education associations to strengthen the education administrative supervision to ensure that professional social work education the normative and education to improve the quality; Fourth, from teachers, academic exchanges, training base ( institutions) and book information exchange platform for the sharing of resources. In short, Hubei University social work profession as a new force, has become the important part of higher education in Hubei. We see the achievements it should not ignore the difficulties they face and their reasons, of course, we can not supply false because the social work professionals \imperative to find the solution of the plight of Hubei College of Social Work Professional Education purposes, our social workers due responsibility.

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