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A Sutdy on Turnip Production Costs, Revenue and Total Factor Productivity in China

Author YangJian
Tutor LiChongGuang
School Huazhong Agricultural University
Course Business management
Keywords Turnip Production Cost Earnings Total factor productivity Development countermeasure
CLC F326.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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As an important vegetable, turnip cultivation has a long history of more than 2700 years in China. Turnip has grown throughout the country by reason of not so rigid request on the production environment. In virtue of its high nutritional value, resistance to storage, multi-consumption forms, and turnip has a vast domestic and foreign market and has played an important role in vegetable production, consumption and export trade in China. As the development of global economic integration and trade liberalization, China’s turnip market will integrate with the international market gradually, and the fierce competition of international market has put forward a higher requirement on Chinese turnip production.In the face of the affect on China’s vegetable production, consumption and exports that result from current global economic crisis, how to optimize the cost-effectiveness and Total Factor Productivity (TFP) of China’s turnip production effectively, improve the competitiveness of turnip and its processed products in international trade has become an urgent problem of turnip industrial of China in current time.Firstly, this paper has explained the background, objective and significance of the study on turnip production cost, benefit and total factor productivity analysis. Through summarizing and discussing on related literature of agricultural products cost-benefit and productivity, this paper also has explained the basic ideas and content of this research. Research methods, technical route, innovations and shortcomings of this research have been elaborated. Secondly, we have analyzed the production status of turnip in China from the following aspects:the cultivate value and development perspective of turnip; cultivate area, yield and yield per unit of turnip and the comparison of different product region of the turnip in China. Thirdly, we have got knowledge on the turnip’s cost-benefit, make an analysis on input and output and the input-output coefficients of turnip, and compared with the other vegetables benefit in China. Lastly, the introduction of connotation and Measure Method of TFP has been made. And in this part, we have also completed the estimate of turnip’s total factor productivity and its decomposition index from 2004 to 2008 in China, and the ways to increase the turnip’s total factor productivity have been analyzed either.Base on the analysis of the paper, some conclusions are got as follow:Firstly, during 1991~2006, annual growth rate of China turnips planting area reach 18.27%. But in recent years China turnips planting area has been stable, standing at about 1.2 million hectares. Due to the rapid expansion of the turnips planting area, turnip yield also increase drastically. But in recent years turnip yield has been stable and grow slow. On the contrary, 1991~2006, China turnip per unit area yield changes Present volatility, during production yield change present volatility turnip, overall the downward trend. Since 2003, turnip per unit area yield maintain stable, about 2.197 ton per mu. Secondly, Due to the different natural environment, economic and environmental and social environment of different turnip production area,there are big difference between Different turnip production area in Turnip production development level. Hebei, Liaoning, Beijing and Shandong is China’s turnip production yield advantages regional. Hubei, Hunan and Sichuan and Henan is China’s turnip production scale advantage area. Thirdly, from cost perspective, turnip total cost in 2004 to 2008, except from 2008, are all declined. The total cost of turnip is made up of production cost and land cost, in which the production cost is main cost, but the proportion of the production cost in total cost is declined year by year. Accordingly, the land cost ratio of the total cost increased year by year.from the income perspective, the turnip yield per mu in 2004 to 2007 show ascendant, but appeared obviously decreased in 2008. Accordingly, the cost profit margins and input-output ratio per mu of turnip production have dropped. Fourthly, a comparison of the total cost, net profit and cost profit margins per mu between an average of vegetables and turnip shows that turnip total cost and net profit is significantly below vegetables average level, but vegetables cost profit margins is obviously higher than the average of vegetables cost. In general, our country currently turnip production is in a low input low profit production status. Fifthly, 2004~2008, China cities’s turnip total factor productivity is not stable, present fall v-shaped fluctuations.average annual rate of Turnip total factor productivity is declined, this is mainly due to the negative growth of technical efficiency.the change of cities’s turnip total factor productivity is closely related to technology progress, the changes of the technical efficiency changes to secondary factors.2004~2008 most turnip production area scale remuneration is diminishing returns. It shows that China cities’s turnip production scale is a little big, production mode of turnip is extensive.In order to improve the turnip’s total factor productivity, we need to promote technological progress in the production of turnip. Not only improve the efficiency of the production techniques of turnip, but also reduce the turnip fertilizer input redundancy, in addition must appropriate reduced production scale to improve turnips production scale efficiency. Sixthly, according to the above analysis, in order to promote the development of Chinese turnip production, this paper put forward the following countermeasures and suggestions:adjust measures to local conditions, rational layout Turnip production, promote turnip advantage region production; Improve turnip production management, adjust turnip production input, increase turnip production yield; scientifically popularization turnip production technology, to promote the progress of turnip production technology; Reasonable allocation of the input resources of turnip production, adjust turnip production scale, improve turnip production technology efficiency.In this paper, it may be new to research Chinese radish production cost, income and total factor productivity, and it may be certain innovation to use the data envelopment analysis (DEA) model research method to analysis and calculation our main method of radish total factor productivity

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