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Analysis and Discussion of a Reliability Assessment Method of Energy Monitoring System for Public Building Based on Fault-Tree Analysis

Author ZhangYueWei
Tutor LiuFang;LuZhen
School Chongqing University
Course The field of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords Building energy consumption monitoring system reliability evaluation fault tree analysis importance fault probability
CLC TU111.195
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Energy consumption monitoring system reliable operation is the key of building energy efficiency diagnosis and renovation for success, promoting energy conservation assessment, norm and fixed-price system .if no guarantee to upload data reliability ,may mislead the work of the late energy-saving renovation and energy saving assessment lead to waste all levels of government input of manpower, material resources, financial capacity and time. Failing to realize through the large public building energy monitoring means to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing emission of building .Therefore, to ensure the building energy monitoring system reliability level for the guidance of building energy efficiency diagnosis and renovation,Energy saving energy assessment, norm and fixed-price work has very important significance。This paper first introduces the energy consumption monitoring system structure and system, Then Conduct research and analysis for the Shenzhen City office building energy consumption, proposing an office building in sub-metering solutions,Through the energy consumption monitoring scheme.To monitor the building each item energy consumption, Thus able to grasp the various parts of the building energy consumption, energy consumption of large equipment in a timely manner for energy-saving measures.From three aspects of on-site monitoring subsystem, data acquisition and remote transmission, monitoring data processing platform. for the construction of Shenzhen City, 51 monitoring system failure investigation and analysis of factors, Try a different analysis after reliability analysis, finally puts forward the method of fault tree analysis on building energy consumption monitoring system reliability analysis,Determine the energy consumption monitoring system for the main failure mode; then according to the logical relation between the fault mode,Application of fault tree analysis method to establish energy consumption monitoring system reliability evaluation of a fault tree model,Determine the system reliability and the probability importance of fault factors, thus judging system frequent accident link,In order to improve the system operation and provide a theoretical basis of improving the system reliability .

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