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Study on Operating Simulation and Application of Air Source Heat Pump Assisted Solar Water Heating System in Hot Summer and Cold Winter Area

Author LiuYuZuo
Tutor LuJun
School Chongqing University
Course Urban construction safety engineering
Keywords Air source heat pump assisted solar water heating system The system simulation Operational performance Optimization model Benefit analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years,The application of solar energy water heater is growing popularity,But conventional solar water heater is susceptible to the influence of climate, can’t round-the-clock operation. As a kind of high energy efficiency device, Air source heat pump water heater unit got more and more extensive attention, But when the outside temperature reduce , its heating quantity and the heating efficiency also fall subsequently, Especially when winter outdoor temperature below zero℃, it has the frost defrost problem. In view of the features of the two systems, the two systems are combinated organicly to become air source heat pump assisted solar water heating system , in order to overcome the disadvantages of both and give full play to the advantages of the two ,thus ensure to obtain life water efficiently in all weather.This paper utilizes concentrating parameters method to establish the mathematical model and simulation process of air source heat pump assisted solar water heating system,Use of MATLAB language to develop the simulation program of the solar energy collector tilt angle、solar energy heating and heat pump unit performance parameters. the best matching of solar area and the power of compressor have been study, the best installation angle of the solar collector is also study。In chongqing area meteorological data as the foundation, under different working conditions in the whole year, the influence of the solar energy unit run separately to the temperature of the water tank and the running time of the heat pump unit, the quantity of heat, the shaft power and heat pump COP and so on are simulated,besides,change rules of the parameters with time, evaporation temperature and condensing emperature have been Summarized and the rest of factors affecting the performance.of heat pump units and have been analyzed. Based on the above study, the best open time of heat pump unit have been simulated and research when the power of heat pump is lowest in year-round monthly, And the comparison and analysis of the heat pump units COP and system COP under optimized model (best open time) and conventional mode (open heat pump at 14:00) , heat pump units COP of Optimization model are higher than conventional mode,the system COP of optimization model is 6.71, showing that the system has a good energy saving effect.In the above research,on the basis of the actual project cases ,the operation performance of the system are test in the four seasons typical days,And compared to the measured value and simulation value to verify the correctness and reliability of the mathematical model, while performance polynomials of air source heat pump are fit in the four seasons. Lastly, the paper carried on a contrast analysis ofASHP assisted solar water heating system with some other traditional ways from the three aSpects which were energy saving benefit,economic benefit and conservation benefit of which economic benefit contrast used cost year-end value method,Besides,Fund loan interest rate、energy prices and some other impact factors on the performance and benefits were discussed in this paper.Above all results indicated that on the condition of the climate features in Chongqing area,compared with other tradlitional heat source ways,air source heat pump assisted solar water heating system is the most economical、friendly environmental manner with the lowest energy consumption, so it is suitable for popularization and application in this region.

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