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The Relevance Research between Breast Cancer Calcification X Performance and Pathology

Author ZhangZuo
Tutor WenZhi
School Xinjiang Medical University
Course Oncology
Keywords Breast cancer calcification X performance Pathological histology Immuno-histochemical index
CLC R737.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objetive: To investigate the expression and the relationship between X-ray signs,different histologic、axillary lymph node and ER、PR、C-erb-2、MDR、Ki-67、LRP,Through the research of X-ray breast cancer calcification focal signs and breast cancer histo- pathological and immunohistochemical stained form the relationship. Methods: This study collect 166 breast cancer patients information from xinjiang medical university hospital affiliated tumor radiology in January 2008 to June 2009 line digital breast X-ray and clearly pathological diagnosis by surgery . Do the specimen immunohistochemical staining determination cancer cells expression of ER PR、C-erb-2、MDR、Ki-67、LRP. Results:1. the relations between calcification characteristics and immunohistochemical index: calcification in the expression of ER positive (χ2= 27.43, P = 0.000)、PR positive (χ2= 25.20, P = 0.000),and C-erb-2 negative is statistically significant differences. Calcification number and the expression of ER (χ2= 6.160, P = 0.045), PR (χ2= 6.129, P = 0.049), C-erb-2 (χ2= 9.444, P = 0.009) had a statistically significant difference. 2.The relationship between calcify characteristics and histological grade of breast cancer :the relationship between Calcification distribution (χ2= 45.614, P = 0.005), the number of calcification (χ2= 26.288, P = 0.01), calcification, bump relations (χ2= 44.566, P = 0.000), calcify position (χ2= 44.566, P = 0.002) and breast cancer by histological classification relationship was statistically significant differences .3 The relationship between calcification, histologic classification breast cancer and axillary lymph node metastasis :The difference between Calcification, mass relation and axillary lymph node metastasis was statistically significant (χ2= 21.537, P = 0.01) .Conclusions: 1.the relationship between calcification characteristics and immunohistochemical index:Small pleomorphism calcification in pathology to low level of performance malignant endocrine therapy are relatively good, the recurrence rate is low, the prognosis is good.The number of calcification is greater than thirty-five in pathology performance, and the recurrence rate is low degree of malignancy is low, the prognosis is good. 2.the relationship between breast cancer’s calcification characteristics and histological grade :ductal carcinoma in situ X-ray performance in Low level much performance is clumps distribution calcification or mass with calcification ,The level of regional distribution calcification is seen; High level performance is a simple calcification clusters of distribution ,calcification not with mass, more with the density of calcification ,and the number of calcification are more than thirty-five.Invasive ductal carcinoma: the more performance of grade one is the simple calcification ,the performance of grade two is mass with calcification , and the calcifi- cation is inside the mas .Calcification’s distribution is clumps ,the number is less than fifteen.The grade three represented IS also guide for mass with calcinosis, the calcification number is more than thirty-five.3. The relationship between breast cancer calcification, histopathological grading performance and axillary lymph node metastasis:Calcification without mass is less appeared lymph node metastasis. In the lymph node metastasis between one to three,There are more Calcification in mass inside .There are more Calcification in mass inside and outside ,which the axillary lymph node is more than ten . According to the pathological and histological character the calcification signs of breast cancer could classify in breast X-ray , and it also could guide clinical treatment and prognosis

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