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The Reseach on the Use of Chinese Dictionary by Overseas-students from the Middle-asia in Xinjiang

Author LiuMiao
Tutor AnDeYuan
School Xinjiang Normal University
Course Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords overseas-students from the Middle-Asia Chinese dictionary dictionary use dictionary compiling the teaching of dictionary use
CLC H195
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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As an important domain of lexicography, so far, foreign resrarchers have published many studys about English dictionary users.Extensive research has been done respectly from attitudes on dictionary use,expectations of dictionary use, the use of monolingual and bilingual dictionary, skills of using dictionary, and the links between skills of using dictionary and various study activities, such as lexical study,translation,writing.The Instant cognitive psychology of dictionary users and demands for dictionary also have been discussed,therefore,there has been a great progress in the study of dictionary use. And the study of dictionary use by domestic scholars has gradually developed. It involved the number and kinds of dictionary, users’attitudes on dictionary use, habits, judgements, skills and strategies of using dictionary, as well as users’demands for dictionary use teaching.Although researchers focus on English learners’dictionary study, they have made a great progress in theory and research methods, and finally most of these studies put forward proposes or suggestions about recent dictionary quality,dictionary compiling and teaching of dictionary use. Overseas-students from the Middle-Asia to learn Chinese in Xinjiang are increasing rapidly.As a kind of auxiliary means of study, Chinese dictionary plays an very important role. Researches indicate that the efficiency of study, to a certain extent, has close relations with the efficiency of using dictionary. However, the research on the use of Chinese dictionary by overseas-students from the Middle-Asia are few, and therefore the study is very urgent. At the same time, a lot of study theory and methods obtained from the study on English learners’dictionary use can also provide reference for the research on the use of Chinese dictionary by overseas-students from the Middle-Asia.This paper mainly applied questionnaires, assisted with interview method to investigate different stages of overseas-students from the Middle-Asia to learn Chinese in Xinjiang from six respects,including the number and kinds of dictionary, users’attitudes on dictionary us,the aims of dictionary use, the strategy of dictionary use,self-judge on using Chinese dictionary as well as students’demands for Chinese dictionary use.On investigation, the dictionary types used by students are humdrum,they do not select appropriate dictionary types according to their study demands and levels; most students hold the positive attitudes toward functions of using Chinese dictionary in Chinese learning, but lack of enough basic dictionary knowledge and guidance and training in dictionary use, so students’skills of using Chinese dictionary have a lot of problems in many ways. Students’aims of using dictionry concentrate on lexical meaning, not making good use of all round information provided in dictionary to assist in learning Chinese.For the investigation discovery above,the paper presents some suggestions and proposes of improvement.On one hand,dictionary compiliers should seriously think over the condition of dictionary users and their features of study aims and then come up with suitable principles of compiling Chinese dictionary. On the other hand, during the process of teaching Chinese Overseas-students from the Middle-Asia, teachers should pay attention to the importance of dictionary use in learning Chinese.In daily teaching activities, teachers should direct students’comcepts and skills of dictionary use through various teaching behaviors.And teachers ought to enrich students’dictionary knowledge and train their skills of using dictionary.

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