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Research on Pair Words in Maitri Simit

Author AiLi·ABuLa
Tutor ABuDuBaiSiEr
School Xinjiang Normal University
Course Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature
Keywords Maitri Simit pair words ancient Uyghur stylistics
CLC H211.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This dissertation is devoted to analyzing the characteristics and role of the pair-words that appear frequently in the Qumul variant of Maitri Simit, an ancient Uyghur drama. Research and analysis will be carried out on the basis of linguistics and stylistics.Maitri Simit is a long, 27-act play written in the ancient Uyghur script. It is the first stage composition of our country’s rich, multi-ethnic literature, and as such belongs not only to Uyghur literature and culture, but rather to the literature and culture of our whole country. Maitri Simit, along with such other ancient documents as the Altun Yaruq and Xuanzang’s biography, is one of the most significant written documents pertaining to Uyghur Buddhist culture, and as such comprises important first-hand material for research into the ancient Uyghurs’ religious beliefs, language, and culture.Pair words hold an important place in the Uyghur lexical system. They are possessed of rich expressive ability on the lexical and semantic levels. Given their unique composition, their stylistic usefulness, they are particularly worthwhile subjects for research into Uyghur language and aesthetics.Maitri Simit shows clearly the degree of literary refinement attained by the ancient Uyghur language. With a sophisticated literary style, vivid characters, and a lively use of language, it tells the life story of Buddha Maiti, who was believed by Buddhists to be the savior spirit. The first thing we notice when we consider factors in the work’s use of language are the numerous and rich pair words used throughout. This dissertation will build upon the foundation set by prior research, and consider the characteristics and lexical role of pair words in the Maitri Simit.The dissertation consists of an introduction, three core chapters, and a conclusion. The introduction will elaborate the way the theme was chosen, the current state of research, and the research methods used herein. An exposition will then be given of Maitri Simit’s different variants, its content, its character, its style, and its linguistic characteristics. The next section is devoted to pair words; the characteristics and role of of pair words in modern Uyghur grammar will be provided, and examples will be provided of pair words in works from various eras of Uyghur literature. After that, special attention will be devoted to pair words in Maitri Simit, and to their phonetic, semantic, and grammatic characteristics and stylistic role. Finally, some thoughts will be offered on the developmen of pair words in the modern Uyghur language.

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