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The Research of Rubberized Cement-soil Piles and the Superstructure Interactions

Author ZhouJiFang
Tutor WangFengChi
School Shenyang University of construction
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords rubber tired rubber soil-cement piles pile group effect the infinite element seismic dynamic time-history analysis
CLC TU473.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Scrap rubber tired as one of industrial wastes, has been the serious problem within our country even the whole global faces with the aspect of environment and resources for how to effectively handle in 21th century. With Scrap rubber-tired as building material, is in the environmental protection one of the effective ways to reuse. At the same time, with the rapid development of national economy and the constant enlargement of the basic engineering,soft grounds have been found in all kinds of civil engineering, and they would be treated so as to meet the demands of the buildings. Many effective methods of ground treatment have been explored in long project practice. The cement-mixing pile composite is one of methods having widely been used in engineering because of its unique merits. However, soil-cement piles itself and has its certain flaws. Considering the scrap tire potential some characteristics of the waste recycle, and to put forward the concept of rubber soil-cement piles, Namely the cement-soil pile by adding a certain proportion of rubber powder, make use of the pile in engineering, improve the performance of the cement-soil pile, this paper tries to research formed the rubber soil-cement piles. Through the rubber soil-cement piles of soft soil formed in the reinforcement treatment of rubber cement-soil pile composite foundation.This paper first reviews some of the past rubber cement-soil characteristics of research results, obtained rubber cement-soil better than some of the characteristics of soil-cement, and for the overseas homogeneous research actuality of researching. The mechanism of the carrying capacity of cement-soil pile foundation as well as the finite element method and the friction mode of the element and soil’s mode has introduced. The basic design and calculation methods have been summarized in the paper. then, introduces ABAQUS finite element program of simulation method.In this paper, pile group effect were introduced, and replacement ratio of piles has also carried on the detailed instructions, on this basis, the single pile and pile group work traits made clear is elaborated.To promote the application and development of the rubber soil-cement piles, by ABAQUS finite element software establish the three-dimensional finite element model of single, and pile group, and through rational input material constitutive parameters and establish the reasonable frictional contact model. By bearing bedplate graded bearing load,for different rubber powder of rubber mixing ratio of soil-cement piles composite foundation bearing traits of a single, and pile group calculation and analysis. Research load - displacement and pile body stress, soil stress field various influences the performance of the curve , obtained some valuable conclusions provide reference for the engineering design.Based on rubber soil-cement piles of static analysis, this article has conducted the pile-soil-the upper structure dynamic time-history analysis. This model is calculated by simplifying the upper structure, establishing the infinite element boundary and reasonable seismic input,using the approach of dynamical implicit time-history method to calculate. Analyzed in different rubber mixing ratio situations corresponding elastic modulus, damping ratio and coefficient of friction parameters analyzed, with some useful conclusions obtained, for further research to provide the reference.

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