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Research on New Tamping Device and Operating Characteristic Analysis of Tamping Device

Author LiuGuoBin
Tutor GongGuoFang
School Zhejiang University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Tamping unit Operating characteristics Vibration model Hydraulic Exciting Virtual prototype model ADAMS Exciting principle Pro / MECHANICA Finite Element Analysis
CLC U216.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Tamping unit is the the tamping machine's core equipment for the completion of the railway track bed ballast tamping operations, pound-ho to generate high frequency vibration exciter by tamping device, in the role of the clamping hydraulic cylinder, making ballast track bed is in motion, rearrange becomes dense. With the rapid development of the domestic railway undertakings, large-scale road maintenance machinery become the mainstream of development, China must introduce large-scale road maintenance machinery, to digest its core technology and independent innovation. Independent innovation of domestic road maintenance machinery is still in its infancy, and the completion of the the tamping job of tamping machine occupies an important position in the large-scale road maintenance machinery, over the years of several large amount of money from abroad to introduce different types of tamping machine for the cause of China's railway maintenance Therefore, the core equipment of the tamping machine - the innovative design of the tamping unit has an important significance. Existing international three main tamping unit for research-based, first summarizes the kinematic characteristics of the tamping unit; tamping device Vibration model to calculate the coupling coefficient of the ballast, the equivalent damping coefficient based on vibration model analysis of the the tamping unit's operating process; proposed a new exciting principle tamping device, designed a new type of institutions tamping unit; analysis the tamping unit operating conditions and kinetic analysis Using Pro / MECHANICA analysis the design of the novel apparatus of the intensity of the key components. The main contents of this paper are as follows: first elaborated in Chapter tamping device research background, brief tamping device structure, classification, as well as the existing three main tamping unit excitation characteristics, and then tells the tamping the device development status at home and abroad, and finally this research significance and main contents. Chapter II established Plasser tamping device Matisa tamping kinematic model of the device, using the analytical method to analyze the motion characteristics of the two tamping device, and two tamping device simulation through the MATLAB SimMchanics module , has been holding hydraulic cylinder, tamping arm, the curve of the sports pound-ho. Tamping unit through the comparison of the two motion curves, a summary of the the tamping unit's operating characteristics. Chapter established a the tamping unit's vibration model, and ballast vibration model to calculate the coupling coefficient of the ballast, the equivalent damping factor involved model parameters equivalent calculation, and then based on the vibration model analysis of the the tamping unit's operating process, including the content of the gripping movement system frequency and amplitude of the vibration system. Chapter established in ADAMS Matisa tamping unit three-dimensional solid model analysis of the interference of the excitation of the clamping hydraulic cylinder force, the establishment of the the tamping system's hydraulic system model and AMEsim environment, through mechanical and hydraulic model co-simulation of the system model, obtained characteristics of the the clamping hydraulic system when tamping. Chapter design a hydraulic the new tamping unit excitation, first introduced the exciting principle of the new devices and electro-hydraulic exciter works; subsequently established based on the working principle of tamping arm excitation part kinematic model and the dynamic model, to calculate the excitation the main pharmacokinetic size of the hydraulic cylinder, is determined according to the size of the sleeper spacing, the output of the clamping force as well as existing tamping apparatus kinetics dimensions of the clamping hydraulic cylinder, , tamping arm under proportional relationship, internal and external tamping arm with internal and external clamping hydraulic cylinder box on the overall layout; Finally, the use of Pro / E to establish a three-dimensional solid model of the new tamping unit analysis module of Pro / MECHANICA consistent operating curve with the theoretical analysis of the tamping device to verify the correctness of the model and the feasibility of the new device. Chapter Based on ADAMS virtual prototype model of the new tamping device, analyze the impact and vibration of the operating process of tamping unit holder of two conditions, shock and vibration clamping two, through ADAMS built-in function simulation working conditions, the dynamics simulation analysis. Finite element analysis of the key components of the tamping unit based on Pro / MECHANICA module, including the tamping arm support shaft strength, under tamping arm impact strength, bending strength and the inside and outside under tamping arm under tamping arm fatigue strength, the results show that the design of the new parts of the tamping unit strength to meet the job requirements. Chapter VII summarizes the full text of the main research work and achievements, and future work and direction of further research is needed in the future.

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