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Fluorescence quantitative PCR Detection System

Author YaoYingHao
Tutor ChenZhangWei
School Zhejiang University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Quantitative PCR Fluorescence detection PMT Signal Processing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of a large number of in vitro specific DNA fragments , since 1985 since the invention in disease diagnosis, drug screening , inspection and quarantine areas such as access a wide range of applications , greatly promoted the molecular biology and other related disciplines development . Not only a large number of quantitative PCR amplification DNA, but also can achieve the accurate quantification of initial DNA template , making genetic analysis techniques from the original extensive qualitative analysis to quantitative analysis of the precise changes in the clinical diagnosis and other aspects of the inspection and quarantine significance . PCR fluorescence detection system by monitoring process , the fluorescence signal real-time conversion into electrical signals, an analysis and processing to achieve the initial template quantification of DNA , the quantitative PCR instrument to achieve accurate quantification of the core components from the fluorescent light-emitting principle herein , fluorescence quantitative PCR and quantitative principle start , through quantitative PCR experiments commonly used fluorescent labeling substance emitting principle , spectral characteristics analysis and research , quantitative PCR instrument for fluorescence detection of specific application requirements , combined with fluorescence analysis of various fluorescence detection methods, completed the fluorescence signal detection system designed and built to achieve a single excitation light at four different wavelengths on the fluorescence signal acquisition and processing . In addition, fluorescence detection system designed in this paper for the relevant performance tests. Experiments show that the system of background noise, high sensitivity, dynamic range, effectively shading , anti-interference ability , good repeatability, system performance basically meet the requirements of practical application . From an engineering point of view put forward both in the practical application of the system 's recommendations and system performance improvements, and future work are discussed.

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