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Typological Study on Bronze Swords in Prehistory in Tianshan Xinjiang

Author ZhangChuang
Tutor LiuXueTang
School Xinjiang Normal University
Course Ethnology
Keywords Tianshan Xinjiang Pre-history Bronze Sword Typology
CLC K875.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Bronze sword of prehistory is the important cultural heritage of human history.Bronze vessel of prehistory in Xinjiang has an important position in bronze vessel studying both home and abroad,which is given more attention by sholars from home and abroad,especially in recent years,which is becoming the focus of early cultural research in inland Europe and Asia. Bronze sword is the commonnest implements among bronze vessels,which is also the carrier of human history and culture.It is true especially for the mid-Asian nationalities in history that they could not part from bronze sword in their daily life. Bronze sword is their national tradional handicraft and an important part of their national cultural heritage.It is also the important part of the present age searching and studying origin,influence and changes in shape of bronze sword.Bronze sword is the important component of bronze culture.Therefore,part one of this thesis introduces briefly the general situations of studying on bronze vessel both in home and abroad,especially gives more attention to the situation of bronze sword’s arising during the process.Part two, bronze sword ,which can be collected in Tianshan of prehistory as much as possible ,will be studied as cultural heritage of ancient humans.We mainly adopt the means of archaeological typology to induce and contrast the traits of typology of bronze sword in prehistory in Xinjiang.On this basis, bronze sword in Tianshan Xinjiang will be detailedly studied in the aspects of its discovery,shapes and development.Relatively complete bronze sword materials will be offered to bronze vessel studying in in Tianshan of prehistory and the basis for bronze sword further study will also be established through the collecting,arranging and compresensively introducing bronze sword in Tianshan Xinjiang in prehistory.Part three is a contrasting study.On the basis of introducing typology of bronze sword in Tianshan Xinjiang in prehistory, bronze sword in Tianshan Xinjiang in prehistory will be put in the background of the whole inland Europe-Asia bronze culture in prehistory.The relationship between bronze sword in Tianshan and that in inland Europe-Asia will also be explored.The thesis discloses that there exists an interactivity between bronze culture in west,middle ,east Xinjiang and that in Mid-Asia prairie and GanQing area.The main points of the thesis can be concluded briefly as follows:bronze sword in Hami Xinjiang in prehistory has a great variety of types,it has its unique characters,and it has a profound influence on bronze culture in prehistory of the neighboring areas. Bronze sword typology study in Tianshan Xinjiang in prehistory testifies that Tianshan plays an important role in cultural communication in prehistory between east and west,western culture and culture from the east meet,mix together,mutiply and develop in this area,which forms its unique characters of bronze culture in Hami basin.We believe that the study has a significance for the study on cultural heritage in Xinjiang in prehistory in the conclusion part.

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