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Investigation on Antibacterials Utilization among the Patients with Medical Insurance in Tianjin

Author HanYing
Tutor SunHe
School Tianjin University
Course Pharmacy Administration
Keywords Medicare Antibacterials Drug utilization Defined daily dose
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Excessive drug utilization of antibacterials not only leads the waste of drug resource, but also increases the occurrence of the adverse reaction and the emergence of drug induced disease. This research focuses on the understanding of utilization status quo and tendency of drug on antibacterials in Tianjin drug market, which gives the related personnel accurately reliable information, including researchers, producers, retailers, doctors, pharmaceutists and patients.According to the database on the basic medical insurance expense for urban employees in Tianjin from 1st Jan 2006 to 31st Dec 2009, the research conducted a random sampling by 10% from patients ’personal last figure. The sample includes 800,000 DDDs(defined daily dose)from 583 hospitals, concerning with the 218 kinds of drug on antibacterials, the value of the above mentioned drugs being about 50,000,000 RMB. Based on the sixteen version of New Materia Medica, the sample has been divided into 16 categories, and according to the defined daily dose(DDD)recommended by WHO, I find the DDD of the each kind of drug out, conduct the raw data, work out the different indexes which covers utilization amount of each kind of drug, the total amount, DDDs and daily costs. Then, the research reflects 6 aspects of analysis, namely dosage form analysis, kind analysis, costs analysis, DDDs analysis, analysis on synchronism between costs and DDDs, the analysis of daily costs on drug, which also shows contrast among 4 dimensions, that is to say, comparison between the Per os preparation and injection formulation, contrast among the drugs within categories, contrast among the different kinds of drugs, and comparison among the different years.The research make a conclusion that is consisted of 8 aspects.①unilization ratio and growth rate on injection formulation drug on antibacterials higher than Per os preparation, needs adjustment.②unilization on drug on antibacterials increases a lot year by year, and excessive utilization is turning heavy, which shows that it must stop soon.③the phenomenon of drug resistance appears clear because of the excessive utilization on cephalosporin ,which cannot be ignored.④the total amount of utilization of cefoperazone and sulbactam sodium is top one with their own benefits, which tells us a good research direction.⑤in order to reduce the side effects and save the costs, the utilization of quinolone should be controlled.⑥anti-tb drugs used a lot with the scarcity of new drug, which makes it true that tuberculose has been becoming popular.⑦Increase of utilization of antifungal drugs is the most quickest, because excessive utilization of drug on antibacterials leads fungal infection.⑧Costs increase by 30% annually, which need find the reasons out and control well.Thus, according to the research, unreasonableness of utilization of drug on antibacterials is popular and heavy, and all of related persons should recognize the situation. Reasonable control the utilization of drug on antibacterials and legitimate administration of drug on antibacterials will be a heavy duty with a long way.

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