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The Research on the College Sports Insurance Supply and Demand Condition of Xinjiang

Author TianXin
Tutor BaoXiaoQiang
School Xinjiang Normal University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Xinjiang college sports insurance supply and demand
CLC F842.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the deepening of China’s sports system reform, the school sports, especially in college sports will bear the mass sports and athletic sports and the important task. College physical education teaching and sports activities exist unpredictable risk, injury accidents in China in recent years is unavoidable, in students’ injury accident happening with sudden events have already become the field of sports development, harmony, domestic college sports insurance system to build more intense calls. Through scientific strict security measures plus appropriate sports insurance coverage, can maximize reduce students to participate in physical exercise the extra worries. College physical insurance in xinjiang and the nation is a new field, this paper multi-ethnic region of xinjiang university sports development around the actual situation of college physical education, physical education teachers, main body, namely high level sports teams, ordinary student, sports equipment, etc, the literature data method, questionnaire survey method, expert interview and mathematical statistics analysis and case analysis xinjiang universities study, understand the accident harm accident insurance consciousness, analysis and sports college teachers group, the reason of the demand for insurance for students and teachers sports safety and damage compensation to offer help and solution.College sports insurance is the important component of the physical insurance, the main safeguard object is college students and teachers. Through the research and interviews, on the one hand, has found that nearly a third of university students in xinjiang in sports teaching training, contest and extra-curricular activities, happened to school sports injury, students, parents and brought burden, also to the school sports development brings negative effect. Teachers’ teaching and guidance in the process of sports training, do not conform to the standards of facilities facilities and teaching organization methods are very likely the defects of the sports injury accidents caused by students. Xinjiang universities sports insurance market that there was a big demand. On the other hand, because our country sports insurance related laws and regulations still is not perfected, insurance company of college sports insurance market lacks thorough research, lack of physical insurance products, current accident injury insurance is planted is simple in design, due to unclear relevant provision is difficult to meet the need of practice and formation of effective supply of xinjiang, caused the contradiction between supply and demand of college sports insurance. Meanwhile, the study found that the xinjiang university students participate in sports insurance consciousness was weak, on social and medical security system don’t know enough about, also lack the corresponding insurance knowledge. The physical insurance related laws still is not perfected, funds nervous and lack of insurance consciousness and other reasons, is currently restrict the development of college sports insurance the unfavorable factors.Through advanced experience at home and abroad, according to the actual demand of physical insurance in xinjiang universities, reasonable utilization of existing insurance, at the same time the government establishing risk fund, through tax reductions or exemptions, subsidies insurance premium, undertake insurance agency management measures such as auxiliary university school fee physical insurance development. In addition, insurance company needs to continue to enhance propaganda, let the students and parents understand sports insurance, correct understanding of school sports insurance, raise the insurance consciousness. The development of physical insurance in force, multi-lateral based data, fully accumulation around the school’s sports subject has targeted policies to promote the development of sports insurance, that school sports reform policy toward a more scientific and more safe direction development, in order to develop the university sports service.

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