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Research on Chinese Communist Party Scout System

Author SunYueXia
Tutor QuFuTian
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Public Administration
Keywords Scout Supervise system Scout system
CLC D262.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In Chinese current leadership management system, there are many shortcomings about supervise system of the CPC party, especially supervising senior leaders is a relatively weak link. It is difficult for Higher authority Party committee and Discipline inspection commission to supervise Low-level Party organization leaders; under the leading of Party committee, it is also difficult for the same level discipline inspection commission to supervise party committees, especially supervising the top leaders is more difficultly; The subordinate supervises may be restricted by many factors, they dare not say any shortcomings about their leaders; Supervision of the masses can not be very effective, so the corruption of party members occurs from time to time.It is necessary to put scout into practice for carrying out party’s constitution which requires organization to strengthen supervising department and leaders of Chinese communist party, which also requires improving our party supervising system; bringing scout into effect is also a very important decision for superior overseeing subordinate behavior. In addition Carrying scout into execution is an effective quomodo for superior inspecting members of subordinate party organization at present manage system, it can be helpful for superior to know the scouted organization’s question which are existent but nor be solved, or for superior to know the scouted organization’s potential and tendentious question, or for superior to help the scouted organization solving questions and improve performance.Scout is a new type of authority supervises system, there are many problems for carrying out practice of Scout, for example, the organizational structure of scout system is not perfect, the working mechanism of the scout system is not efficient, the correlative legal system is also not perfect; In practice, scout organization is not perfect, the main function of scout is not clearly defined; the method of quantitative evaluation is lacking; the use of scout result is not clear; scout methods exist deviation; scout teams is lack of adequate authority and the Scout independence can not be insured; the theory about scout system is scarce, Incorruptness file has not been established, and so on. In this paper, the author use methodologies based on mature nomology, ethnics、economics, executive theory and other scientific theories to discuss provenance of scout practice. In these theories, authority restricts authority and droit, demands conduces motivation, commission comes into being surrogate relation, control theory, balance theory, responsibility standard theory can also tell us we should set up prompting and restriction mechanism to perfect scout system. In addition from scout system of many countries, the scout team should be endued biggish and unattached authority in order to set up an efficiency scout system, and this system can attract public taking part in, it can be included in country’s judicature and supervise system, it should not be looked as shorted action. From all these theories analysis and practice summarize, this paper puts forward some advices about how to perfect scout system from following aspects.The first is to define scout connotation accurately, grasp the focus of scout practice scientifically; the second is to establish a mechanism of obtaining information quickly, insist on groping for the new scout method; the third is to establish a mechanism for public participation, put the scout work into the open; the forth is to establishment responsibility system of inner-party scout work, improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms, the fifth is to set up a quantitative performance evaluation system, and promote the application of the scout results; the sixth is to establish a sound mechanism for implementing the results of scout; the seventh is to speed up the construction of scout system, and strengthen organizations protection for scout practice.

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