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The National People's Congress law enforcement inspection work perfect in the context of government functions convert

Author ZhangZuo
Tutor SunLuJian
School Northwestern University
Course Public Administration
Keywords Government Transformation Democratic Superintendence Law-enforcement Inspection of the People’s Congress
CLC D624
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Superintendence is an important right granted to the people’s congress and its standing committee by China’s constitution and relevant laws, and law-enforcement inspection is the main approach for the standing committee of the people’s congress at various levels to carry out democratic superintendence right. With the great-leap-forward development of social economy in information era, the gradually implemented reformation of the political system and the increasingly apparent social transformation trend, the functions of China’s government at all levels start to change. Under the new historical condition, the superintendence and inspection tasks of the people’s congress at various levels become heavier and heavier. Thus, many problems need to be answered and solved immediately by the people’s congress. E.g. How to update the concept of law-enforcement inspection work and reflect on the problems and shortcomings appeared during law-enforcement inspection work? How to effectively carry out law-enforcement inspection work and fulfill the public superintendence responsibility of the people’s congress? How to consummate the technical approach and workflow of law-enforcement inspection work so as to further improve the effect of law-enforcement inspection work? And how to summarize experiences and bring out the countermeasures and suggestions to optimize the law-enforcement inspection work, so as to better embody the functional demands of new-type government?Focus on the mainstream of functional transformation of the government under the grand background of China’s social transformation, the paper constitutes new theoretical visual threshold and valuation standards for the implementation of law-enforcement inspection work of the people’s congress and brings forward innovative clues, methods, countermeasures and suggestions with the author’s working experience at the standing committee of Shaanxi people’s congress. First of all, starting with the systematic classification of relevant theories of the people’s congress’s law-enforcement inspection work, from the legal principle visual angles of government function transformation, law-enforcement inspection and the concept transformation of postmodern public administration etc, based on new public administration theory, Marxism superintendence doctrine and postmodern public administration theory, and emphasizing particularly on local cultivation of relevant theory of law-enforcement inspection, the paper basically establishes relevant theoretical system for the law-enforcement inspection work of the people’s congress suitable to China’s current political and economic transforming background. Then, based on this, with the theoretic and conceptual renewal of the people’s congress’s law-enforcement inspection work as the cut-in point, from the aspects such as the nationwide effective implementation of the people’s congress’s law-enforcement inspection work and the prominent function of the people’s congress’s law-enforcement inspection work on realizing the democratic administration function of the people’s congress, the paper carries out deep and objective retrospection and review of the success and failure of the people’s congress’s law-enforcement inspection work. In succession, taking the law-enforcement inspection work of Shaanxi people’s congress as example, the paper further puts forward detailed optimizing methods and thinking from content filtration, working target establishment, workflow conformity and performance evaluation etc of the people’s congress’s law-enforcement inspection work. In the end, based on the conclusion and retrospection of Shaanxi people’s congress’s law-enforcement inspection work in recent years, the paper brings forward a method and countermeasure system focusing on strengthening the stability of law-enforcement inspection mechanism, consolidating the scientificity of law-enforcement inspection procedures and intensifying perfection of law-enforcement censorship.

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