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The Study on the Innovative Thoughts of Marxism in Contemporary China

Author HuRongRong
Tutor SuGuoHong
School Anhui University of Engineering
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords innovation the innovative thoughts of Marxism in contemporary China the innovative thought of Deng Xiaoping the innovative thought of Jiang Zemin the Party’s independently innovative thought since the Sixteenth Congress
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The innovative thoughts of Marxism in contemporary China were formed in the construction, reform and development process.The three generations of the Party leaderships in China always adhere to the basic principles of Marxism with China’s reality, and continue to innovate in Marxism and guiding China’s social development, create innovative thoughts of Marxism in contemporary China ane start the new historical stage of new development. Innovativethougths of Marxism of contemporary China, in theory, reflects the contemporary value of the ideological line of seeking truth from facts; it’s an integral part of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics; enriched and developed the innovative thoughts of Marxism. In practice, promoting the development of building a moderately prosperous society; promoting the socialist modernization drive; enhance the national response capacity of the new world situation.In the reform and opening-up new era, "peace and development" has become theme of the time, our country is facing with a technological revolution and the new challenges of social change.Deng Xiaoping as the chief architect of China’s reform and opening upto lead our party and the country of emancipating the mind, inherited and the development of innovative thoughts of Marxism, and create a new road of socialist development-the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Deng Xiaoping is a pioneering and innovative view, innovation is the reform, so for Deng Xiaoping, the content of innovation is reform.In the innovative thoughts of Deng Xiaoping, the innovative premise is emancipating the mind; innovation is aimed at the liberation of productive forces and the development of productive forces; the principle of innovation is insist theroad of socialism with Chinese characteristics; the way of innovation is practice. On the basis of succession of innovative thoughts of Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, made a systematic exposition of the "innovation" and formed a complete set of innovative thoughts, and increased importance of innovation and progress to the nation’s soul. The theory of the quality of Jiang Zemin’s innovative thoughts is to emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts and keeping pace. The main content of its innovative thoughts are the theory of innovation, system innovation and scientific and technological innovation. The key success factors of innovation is talent, and to establish a sense of innovation, focusing on the development of high-tech innovation. Since the Sixteenth Congress, the party’s new generation of leadership have succession and development of Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, on the basis of innovative thoughts, continue to deepen the meaning of innovation, recognizing that innovation is the core of national competitiveness, and promote economic restructuring and industrial structure adjustment, has a great significance for the creation of innovation-oriented country. And thus formed the independently innovative thought of a new generation of the party’s leadership, and its theoretical characteristics can be summarized as:a theme of scientific development; one goal is to build an innovative country; a fundamental way is to stick to the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics.From the "reform" to "innovation" and then "independent innovation", the Chinese party adhere Marxism to the chinese reality, inherited, developed and deepened the innovative thoughts of Marxism, formed innovative ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and provides a solid foundation for innovative country’s construction.

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