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The Applied Research of the Electromagnetic Method in South China Railway Roadbed

Author NiuZhiFei
Tutor JinSheng
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Earth Exploration and Information Technology
Keywords magnetotelluric sounding tunnel exploration EH-4
CLC U212.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Deep, long and large tunnels geophysical geological engineering macro forecast Is the current need to address the major topics at the forefront. Most of the terrain in which the tunnel complex , detection of target buried deep . Complex terrain caused serious distortion of the physical distribution , forming a variety of false anomalies , making it difficult to use appropriate methods to interfere with a useful exception exception from the extracted terrain, the world is still no effective method of surface exploration, exploration drilling is still the primary means of tunnels . China from the late 80s began to try high density electrical fault on the Karst and exploration, and development of the related data processing and terrain correction software, methods have been been perfect, but the exploration of high density electrical limited depth and does not deep for steep terrain.In this paper, the development of railway projects in central and western China today the process of building deep, long and large tunnels the growing number of the actual situation of long (Sand) - Kunming (Ming) Guanling tunnels Passenger Survey, for the deep electromagnetic sounding method , long, large railway tunnel investigation of a study on the subject. Briefly describes the current deep, long, big profile of the tunnel and the engineering investigation of cutting-edge research, and based on sounding theory different depths, sizes and different water, mud the forward modeling, inversion model. In this paper, a new routing method, to solve the traditional wiring method by paddy fields, marshes and other factors can not be normal wiring problems, according to EH-4 theory, using the data into the pre IMAGEM software. Analysis and study of the various disturbances arising from interference with the time series curve shape and measure its impact EH-4 and use the appropriate method to solve the problem. The use of relevant software EH-4 on field data is processed to generate electricity cuts. Combined with field records, geological data and the geological drilling data into a consolidated interpretation of section map, which reveals the underground geological structure, to achieve the purpose of the tunnel inspection.This made some in practice the application of a certain value effect:1, by establishing different conditions of forward modeling, inverse model, comparison of field measured data results, the validation method of EH-4 the accuracy of detection in the tunnel;2, EH-4 study appeared in the process of data collection power lines, gravel and other factors arising from the interference and response measures to ensure that the data collection, data processing and interpretation of the accuracy and reliability;3, the resistivity of the EH-4 changes and fracture zones, rock or karst water level of the relationship between such studies, by EH-4 resistivity section, revealing the subsurface geological structure, to achieve the purpose of investigation of the tunnel.In the final, this paper carried out some of the results obtained by a simple summary of research work and further recommendations.

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