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Studies on the Processing Technology of Black Garlic

Author AnDong
Tutor QiaoXuGuang
School Shandong Agricultural University
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Garlic Processing Temperature Ripening
CLC TS255.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) for the Liliaceae onion genus. Garlic bulbs with a high nutritional value, contains 17 kinds of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, as well as 35 kinds of sulfur-containing organic compounds, showed strong antioxidant activity and various physiological activity, anti-atherosclerosis atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, anti-tumor and cancer, anti-thrombotic, senile degeneration and other diseases related to oxidative damage plays an important role. The garlic itself pungent smell and spicy taste, and excessive consumption be gastrointestinal mucosal cells caused injury. Black garlic garlic deep processing products are developed in order to remove the smell of garlic and enhance the original physiological activity. In this experiment, the Laiwu garlic as raw material, through pre-processing and aging, monitoring carried out under different temperature conditions melanosis of the Variations in the ripening process and combine the results of sensory evaluation, to determine the optimum process parameters of black garlic. The main findings are as follows: 1. Melanosis effectively determine the scope of test ripening time studies of garlic in 70 ° C. 80 ° C, 90 ° C three temperature conditions, total phenols, reducing sugars and free amino acids content in the change process, to determine melanosis effective curing time range: 70 ° C: 0 to 30d; 80 ° C: in 0 ~~ 10 days; 90 ° C: 0 ~~ 5d. The highest total phenolic content in the range of 70 ° C effectively curing time 1754.96μg / g, reducing sugar content 63.62g/100g, the highest HMF content for 4296.31μg / g; highest content of total phenols in the range of 80 ° C for effective curing time the 1648.14μg / g, reducing sugar content 60.22g/100g the highest HMF an content for 17961.56μg / g; highest total phenolic content within the range of 90 ° C effectively curing time for 1330.99μg / g reducing sugar content 66.03g/100g. The highest HMF content 20056.93μg / g. 2. Determine the optimal pretreatment temperature test study garlic frozen, at room temperature, 40 ° C, 45 ° C, 50 ° C, 60 ° C under conditions of total phenols, soluble reducing sugars and amino acid nitrogen content of the change process, determine the optimum pretreatment temperature of 45 ° C, pre-treatment time of 100 to 150h. The process parameters determine the best combination of variable temperature based on the temperature single-factor test and pretreatment on an experimental basis, from the sensory evaluation and the actual production point of view, the combination of the different processing temperatures garlic segment ripening. The optimum conditions for: the first paragraph: frozen processing 30h; pretreatment the second paragraph: 45 ° C under the conditions of 100 to 150h; third paragraph: from 70 ° C to 80 ° C under the conditions humidistat heated to 120 to 150h; fourth paragraph. : 60 ° C to -70 ° C under the conditions of constant humidity heated to 200 ~ 300h; fifth paragraph: cooling to 45 ° C drying 100 ~ 120h.

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