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Study on the Algorithm of Civil Aircraft Traffic Collison Avoidance System and Simulation

Author GuBo
Tutor JingZhongLiang;XiaoGang
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Navigation,Guidance and Control
Keywords TCAS Theory of optimal control Colony algorithm Auto-pilot Simulation
CLC V355
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) on civil aircraft plays an important role in aircraft environment surveillance system (ISS or AESS), which forecasts the future positions and headings of the aircraft in the airspace depending on the aerial traffic state. According to the possible collision in the airspace, TCAS would generate warnings and guide the pilots to evade the collision in order to ensure the flight safety.The background, development, current situation and future tendency of TCAS are introduced in the paper. The paper researches the working mode, theory modal and basic principle of TCAS deeply. The way of detecting the aerial traffic trajectories is summarized by a method based on extrapolation. All of above lays a solid foundation for the following researching jobs.The paper explores the vertical collision avoidance in the airspace on the basis of the optimum control theory. In line with the equations of motion, the vertical collision avoidance modal can be established and simulated to achieve a fine trajectory. Finally the algorithm got simulated on the comprehensive simulation platform constructed by MFC and OpenCV, and proved to be usable.On the aspect of multiple collision avoidance of several aircrafts in the airspace, the paper links both with colony algorithm and real aircraft modal, so that an extrication algorithm in the horizontal airspace is raised. The algorithm, which comes up a new train of thought to the multiple collision avoidance, is simulated on the theoretical level. By the researching of collisions of two aircrafts and multiple aircrafts, the whole systematicness and integrality of TCAS can be promoted.In order to improve TCAS, the paper studies the inner drawbacks of the system, and find out the primary problem. By incorporation of the creative thought, an auto-pilot is drawn into TCAS. After simulated verification, the function of TCAS is boosted definitely.

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