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The Path Research on Children Education of Migrant Workers Returning Home in the View of Harmonious Society

Author MaCongHong
Tutor TangLianYing
School East China Normal University
Course Marxism in China
Keywords Return of migrant workers Children's education Paths to explore
CLC G521
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Since the reform and opening up policy was set into practice in 1978, China has quickened its steps of industrialization and urbanization, made great achievements in both fields of economy and society, and promoted population flow. In order to change their own lives and improve economic conditions of their families, some of the rural surplus labors have to find jobs in the cities due to the dual economic structure and the widening gap between urban and rural areas. They play an important role in our society and have made great contributions to the development of our economy and the progress of urban civilization. With their entering the city, the problem of their .children’s education has come up. At present, this problem has attracted extensive attention of the state and society. It has become an inevitable issue in the process of Chinese socialist modernization how to create good conditions to solve the problem of migrant workers’children education, meeting the needs of the development of economy and society and satisfying the development of harmonious society. Chinese economy has seriously been influenced by the U.S. sub prime mortgage crisis and the global financial crisis since 2008, which led to many small and medium enterprises facing with production cut and bankruptcy, unemployment increase in coastal cities, and more migrant workers returning home around. At the same time in the process of economic development, the underdeveloped provinces in order to explore the road to development began to unveil policies of investment promotion, capital introduction and pioneering work of migrant workers returning their hometown. These policies have attracted more migrant workers back home, so their children return too. As a big agricultural province, Anhui is one of the key areas of labor service export. The problem of children education has arisen with the returning of more migrant workers and is badly needed solving. However, this problem has not caused enough attention in the society at present. This paper, in reference to the research results of the scholars and experts and combining with the facts of Anhui province, probes into the education problem of migrant workers’children, so as to find solutions to this problem, adapt to the development of the harmonious socialist society and the needs of the economic development.This paper consists of four parts. The first part is the introduction, which expounds on the research situation of the education problem of migrant workers’children returning home, puts forward research purpose and significance of this paper, introduces the related research thoughts and methods, and defines the following associated concepts:children of migrant workers back home, children of floating population, and left-behind children.The second part mainly discusses the present situation of children education of migrant workers returning home, and points out some major problems, which primarily display in imperfect family education, inadequate school education, bad effect of unhealthy ideology of the society, and influence of their morality declination.The third part chiefly analyzes reasons for the formation of the children education problem of migrant workers returning home in the view of family, school and society.The fourth part proposes specific suggestions for shortcomings in the children education problem of migrant workers returning home. On one hand, it is necessary to follow some principles in solving the problem. On the other hand, some concrete implementation paths are given as following:the government, the school, the family and the community should work together and play their respective roles and functions. The government should build new socialist countryside, eliminate the differences between the town and country, spend more money on rural education; the school should improve the. quality of teachers and construct harmonious campuses; parents should set up right views and have frequent communication with their children; the community should strengthen the psychological guidance to the students and improve the management of the surrounding environment.

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