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The Research on Underwater Navigation System of Geomagnetic Matching Algorithm

Author HuXiao
Tutor LiXiCan
School Shandong Agricultural University
Course Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering
Keywords Underwater Geomagnetic Navigation Geomagnetic Field Model Characteristic Variable Of Geomagnetic Matching Algorithm Of Matching Hausdorff
CLC U666.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The exploration for marine science and marine mineral resources is expanding into the depressed area, the research and development on the corresponding underwater vehicle and related technical is more and more important. The problem of navigation and positioning is gradually become the bottleneck of the underwater exploration because of the particularity of the underwater environment, is solved urgently. Firstly, less information can be dependent on the underwater navigation. Like the GPS’s signal attenuate seriously under water. Second, INS is the main navigation system used in underwater vehicle. Its error accumulates over time and must rely on other information regularly corrected. So looking for all-around natural source assisted navigation means the important guarantee to become deep-sea probes, and geomagnetic field on the have such navigation features. This paper relies on the 863 project’s“Research about key techniques and prototype system of underwater geomagnetism navigation”, and The Postdoctoral Fund’s“the key technologies of the geomagnetism matching of the underwater navigation system”to research.Firstly, the paper discusses the meaning and purpose on the underwater geomagnetic navigation. The progress at home and abroad of underwater geomagnetic navigation technique is reviewed and summarized. The main methods for establishing the model of the geomagnetic field and error sources of the model of the geomagnetic field are analyzed. And the scientific value is summed up on the research of geomagnetic model. According to the actual measurement data,geomagnetic field intensity can be seen as characteristic variable of geomagnetic matching, through the study on the contrast of seven characteristics. The key factors such as geomagnetic daily variation and geomagnetic month’s variation which have the Influence on the geomagnetic matching positioning are analyzed. The study shows the geomagnetic daily variation can be seen as noise. Based on the design of the improved algorithm of Hausdorff distance. Geomagnetic matching navigation is simulated by using HD algorithm. Compared CC algorithm with HD algorithm through three cases of same noise amplitude, different noise amplitude, same number of matching, the matching times and precisions of HD algorithm are higher than CC algorithm is proved. HD algorithm’s stability and anti-jamming ability are stronger than CC. At last, the simulation platform of geomagnetic aided inertial navigation system is constructed, through the analysis, modeling and realize of underwater vehicle, gyroscopes, accelerometers, inertial navigation systems, marine magnetometer, the foundation for the future loop simulation, physical simulation, and even the realization of the prototype system is paved.A detailed geomagnetic matching algorithm is studied and improved in this paper. Experimental results show that the improved results obtained navigation orientation requirements

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