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The Research on the Influence of Plant Roots on the Slope Stability in Ecological Reventment

Author ZhouZheng
Tutor HuQiZhi
School Hubei University of Technology
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords Ecological revetment plant roots shearing property root soil composite simulation
CLC U416.14
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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China is currently at the peak period of highway construction, and now its mileage of both planned and finished construction are in the world ranking. However, the large amount of highway construction, especially the project in the mountain area, has caused a lot of cutting and embankment slopes, which will destroy the original ecological balance of the soil and vegetation system seriously, such as bare ground, reduce of erosion resistance and soil erosion. Naturally, the ecological slope protection comes into being. However, the current technique in this field in China still needs improving. This paper, through tests and numerical simulation, will mainly research the influence of plant roots on the slope stability in ecological slope protection.Firstly, different plants’adaptation to the climate is researched through the field tests of cultivation, which will provide the basis for selection of plant species in the slope of Ecological.Secondly, quantitative analysis of the shear properties of plant roots is achieved by indoor direct shear test and triaxial test. Respectively, the former is studied on the shear strength behavior under different root quantities and different vertical pressure, which contributes to the quantitative influence on the soil shear strength generated by the content of bermudagrass roots. On the other hand, the latter, which is based on the constitutive relation, strength characteristics and failure modes of the Root-soil complex made up by bermudagrass root under different confining pressure and optimum root content, contributes to the further analysis of the mechanical properties of Root-soil complex.Finally, numerical analysis software FLAC is put into use, simulating the actual situation of ecological revetment and taking analysis of plant roots on slope stability.

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