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An Interpretation of Psychoanalysis of the Cement Garden

Author YueMaoSheng
Tutor WangLiZuo
School Harbin Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Ian McEwan The Cement Garden Psychoanalysis Freud
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Ian McEwan is one of the famous writers in the contemporary Britain literary world. He is still active until now in the literary arena, Ian McEwan’works have their unique styles, his works are well known for succinct style and careful description of the character’s inner world. People usually divide Ian McEwan’s works into two periods, the early period and the later period. The early period concentrates between 1974-1981. He mainly concerns the dark side of the social problems and selects the social gloomy themes, this period is usually called terror Ian. Since 1987 the writing themes of Ian McEwan have dramatically changed. This period is his second creation period, and many famous works were published. Because the works of Ian McEwan in the later period have involved themes mainly on World WarⅡ, many people thought that works in this period is superior to his early works, they have broader social bond and profound social values. Due to classification and the stereotype of his works, many scholars pay much attention to the exploration and the research of the works in Ian McEwan’s later period, and even thought that his early work has enormous limitation and insufficiency, and does not have research values. Although there are many disputes about Ian McEwan’s early works among many critics, the author of this thesis choose the early work of Ian McEwan named The Cement Garden as the research subject and applies the psychoanalysis theory, particularly the Freud’s psychoanalysis theory into the process of reading the text of The Cement Garden.The author of this thesis firstly goes through Freud’s psychoanalysis theory, then finds that unconsciousness and sexual instinct, the id, the ego and the superego, character’s dream analysis and Oedipus complex are represented in the book. Finally, the author draws the conclusion, Ian McEwan’s The Cement Garden is not a morbid book which does not have value but is under the Freud’s psychoanalysis instruction.Through the psychoanalysis of The Cement Garden, the author draws the conclusion, Ian McEwan in his early time paid much attention to society’s some questions, and in the early work has manifested the profound social meaning.

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