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Translation of Subtitles of the Sitcom Ugly Betty under Nida’s Functional Equivalence

Author ZhaoLiHua
Tutor ZhangZuo
School Harbin Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords subtitles translation functional equivalence Ugly Betty target audience
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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From the twentieth century, with the development of the global economy, the increasing communication between our countries and other countries has turned from simply business trade and tourism into the communication in cultural aspect. In the modern society, with the quick development of new technology, film became one of the major points in our daily life. And subtitling, as one of the major methods of audiovisual translation, has won the top appearance among people. Movies, as a direct culture communication of the mass media, have become an important factor in the communication of countries. Movies are based on people’s real lives. Therefore, the cultural information of the country in the movies, the local culture customs, the art expressment way of foreign languages are played by actors’performance. With the entering more and more original movies not only enlarge people’s lives and advance their horizon, but also make them know more about the social values, standards and attitudes of the target countries.TV is the method, we can exchange our ideas through it. With the bringing into our country, many people are interested in the sitcom of other countries. In modern times, American TV series have entered our country and it becomes a part of our life to watch American shows in the spare time. A highly collection of oral and written language, movie language is a special way which can be seen and learned. An excellent movie is accurate, dynamic and logical in accent, vocabulary, meaning and tone. Therefore, successful translation of movies enjoys themselves and make great contributions to society and civilization. Based on this point, people pay more attention to the translation of movies. Movie translation experiences a shorter history compared with other forms of translation. At the same time, the subtitle translation, as the most vivid and interlingual communication of movie translation, is still surpasses some experiences and comprehension. Therefore, a deep analysis focused on the translation theory, strategy and approach of subtitle translation is actually important and meaningful.Along with the rapid requirements of people for TV sitcoms, the position of subtitles translation is more and more important. We must pay more attention to the subtitles translation of movies and TV sitcoms, this is very necessary.Compared with traditional translation researches, subtitle translation theory is still not mature and systematic. As a result, more and more people start to put their eye on subtitles translation. But taking a view of the subtitles translation, it seems that people ignored the subtitles translation field, in china, we have only a few references and materials on theoretical framework about subtitles translation. Fortunately, in translation practice aspect, many famous scholars who have owned rich experiences. They have many valuable theories about it. The films are great import to us. Therefore, I also want to focuse on the subtitle translation research and try my best to put forward some useful points which can provide some details with subtitle translation practice.In the subtitles translation of the sitcom, Nida’s theory of functional equivalence is used. In subtitles translation of the sitcom Ugly Betty, I will discuss the possibility and necessity of the functional equivalence theory applying in the sitcom.The idea of Nida, In the theory of functional equivalence, the important point is the receptors of the target text can fully master and enjoy the translated content when compared to the receptors of the original text, this is viewed as the highest level of translation. When the two kinds of different audiences are watching TV sitcoms, they should pay attention to the functional equivalent response in them. The thesis is main explain how to reach functional equivalence of subtitles translation in the sitcom Ugly Betty. In this paper, some translation strategies should be used and how to apply the Fuctional Equivalence theory in this sitcom, such as cultural level, linguistic level and stylistic level aspects. It sets examples and discusses the translation methods. When the target audience have difficulty in understanding the translation, some methods are better choice. Whatever we use can retain both the original information and cultural flavor. We can get a conclution, whichever we use the strategies or methods, the most important, subtitles translator can make the target audience know the TV’s meaning. At last, they can receive the culture information response more or less similar to the audience in the source language. Because Nida’s functional equivalence is very useful, it can provide us a new way and explorement in subtitling translation. At the same time, we can use this way to solve a lot of questions. But the functional equivalence is not always applicable in every subtitles translation. It is very possible to reach functional equivalence in some content.Furthermore, in the receptor-oriented functional equivalence, the comparability of react of audiences of source language and target language is controlled, As a result, In subtitles translation the most important is whether translators can understand and enjoy the cultural information of other countries. They have as well as to acquaint themselves with the expressment and the living habits of the target audience so as to make a good subtitle. Through analyzing functional equivalence in the subtitle translation of movies, this thesis makes a great progress to analyze and prove the application and necessity of Nida’s functional equivalence in the subtitle translation of movies.

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