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Research on Tacit Knowledge Managment in Research University: with a Postmodernist Perspective

Author ZengLi
Tutor GongZuoZu
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Educational Economy and Management
Keywords Tacit Knowledge The Management of tacit knowledge Research University PostModernism Innovation
CLC G647
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the development of knowledge economy, knowledge has become important sources of social and economic development. As the source of knowledge, Tacit Knowledge is crucial to creativity, while captures wide attention. The National Conference on Science and Technology held in January 2006 make the call for constructing an innovative country. Developing the nation by science and technology, education is the foundation. As the base of knowledge innovation and cradle of innovative talent, Research University play an important role. Consequently, the effective management of tacit knowledge of Research University in China not only increase the amount of knowledge, but also enhance the core competitiveness, and then contribute to the construction of Innovative Country.This paper start by discussing tacit knowledge related concepts. With the character of non-expressiveness and innovativeness, tacit knowledge mainly are acquired through the informal way of teacher influencing student. Consequently, the management of tacit knowledge aim at smoothly spread, transfers and share tacit knowledge among target group, so as to create an democratic, harmonious and smooth communicating environment. The improvement of the management of tacit knowledge can draw on experience from positive factors of postmodernismResearch University is the home of knowledge. And tacit knowledge is crucial part of the knowledge treasure in Research University. Based on discussing the connotation and function of tacit knowledge in Research University, this paper present the mechanism and model for the transfer of tacit knowledge in Research University, which include socialization of tacit knowledge, externalization of tacit knowledge, integration of knowledge and internalization of knowledge. The socialization of tacit knowledge is start point of knowledge innovation, while internalization of knowledge is crucial to the cultivating of creative ability. Based on the model, this paper summarize the experience of managing tacit knowledge in world-class research university abroad.According to the above model for the transfer of tacit knowledge in Research University, this paper make a empirical investigation of the individual tacit knowledge-related situation in Research University by means of questionnaire, and analyze the problems in three transformation phases of tacit knowledge management of research university in China. This paper present that the main subjective causes are individual insufficient understanding, distrust feeling and monopoly psychology, while in the objective aspect mostly lie in the related system and measures within and outside Research University. In accordance with the hindering factors of the management of tacit knowledge of Research University in China, this paper proposes some reflecting suggestions on the management of tacit knowledge of research universities in China as follows:Firstly, cultivating the spirit of query and criticism.The irrational thinking of query and criticism is the sparks of tacit knowledge. Therefore, first, we should optimize the relationship between teachers and students and cultivate students’question consciousness in Research University. Students are imperceptibly influenced and obtain tacit knowledge from teachers by long-term informal exchange between teachers and students. Moreover, pay attention to cultivate students’academics interest and reflective consciousness. And arouse their inner enthusiasm in learning and acquire tacit knowledge during the study process of knowledge-action unity. Second, we should encourage the academic spirit of seeking truth, perfection and independent thinking. It is that the first step to keep the sprit of independence, criticism and pursuit truth for knowledge innovation.Secondly, creating a good academic environment for knowledge sharing.The humanistic environment of equal dialogue, cooperation and exchange is essential for the barrier-free exchange of tacit knowledge. Extensive thoughts can excite multiple thinking, while the good academic and humanistic environment nurture new academic. Only an equal, free and open academic atmosphere can encourage the free airing of views and assemble wisdom, and then initiate the collision of tacit knowledge and new discovery in Research University.Thirdly, building diversified communicating network for knowledge transfer.Plurality methodology of removing authority and respecting difference refers to establish an all round network system for tacit knowledge transfer. Build an all-round and no difference network channel by these following ways:taking advantage of all kinds of learning league and organizations by the forms of informal study and communication, building open tacit knowledge sharing network platform with modern information technology and wide knowledge alliance.Fourthly, establishing managerial mode of inspiring creativity of whole staff in our Research University.It is the essence for the inspiration of Tacit Knowledge to carry forward original creation spirit. Embracing the enlightenment from postmodernism thoughts, "everyone has creative power, so activate their enthusiasm of creative thinking", we should build knowledge sharing-oriented learning organization and corresponding drive mechanism, so as to make everyone in research university has innovative consciousness and take it as a kind of habit in study, work and life.

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