Guiguzi for the Spring and Autumn when people should live in seclusion Gui Shan, today's Henan Province, Qi Co" />
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Author LiangWeiWei
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Course Chinese classical literature
Keywords Guiguzi Guiguzi Eclectics Value
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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\This article Zhu History and Literature through research, infer Guiguzi' dissertation">Guiguzi for the Spring and Autumn when people should live in seclusion Gui Shan, today's Henan Province, Qi County, Yunmeng Mountain, written by the book should \the perspective of lobbying ruler method measures and summarized, and also because of this, Guiguzi traditionally been considered to be the founder of the Political Strategists. Contingent research the Guiguzi ideological content, consistent both Confucianism and respected Wisdom and permeated with Taoist yin and yang, biological and Chong Yin expensive soft ideas, in addition to widely impurity took Naturalists, Legalism, military strategists Strategists and other philosophers doctrine, called a \For evaluate Guiguzi, traditionally is also mixed, indeed, \scholars criticized as \However, we can not deny the value of the book where reflection of the pre-Qin philosophers thought the \strategy thinking, but also contains a rich and deep philosophical theory, even if quite learn the significance of our work today. In addition, a book of \This article aims to previous studies based on historical literature as the main basis, objective scientific research Guiguzi the their book Guiguzi \outstanding issues. The full-text content can be broadly divided into three parts: The first part: of its people Guiguzi its writings Guiguzi test its Guiguzi his true identity and whether the retreat Department where, has always been different opinions This section is mainly Guiguzi related issues and the book Guiguzi \I believe that, in history on the Guiguzi indeed its people, he lives in the Spring and Autumn Period, the the Strategists representative Su Qin, Zhang Yi's teacher. \\technique \Rhyme angle on the history of linguistics consider holding pivot \Part II: \Guiguzi advocate World impermanence, things division of impermanence \home-book Lone Survivor \The Review of Part III: Guiguzi, about the merits of a book in \That part of the Ming and Qing previous \The recognize \

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