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Research on the Effectively Blend in Career Planning Education and Ideological and Political Education of University Students

Author CaoCheng
Tutor SongJin
School East China Normal University
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords the university student ideological and political education career planning education blend
CLC G641
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Under the influence of international financial crisis, the employment of contemporary university students face unprecedented pressure and challenge. But in recent years, the high number of university students continuously walks annually、structure antinomy in employment market, make the employment work of university students faces a rigorous difficulty more. Graduate students in the university are precious talented person’s resources of nation and important strength of modern construction. So work well for the employment working of graduate students in university, is an important measure to promote economic development and social harmonious.In recent years, area、each department carry out policy and deploy of the party central committee and state department earnestly, the work’s result is obvious, The situation of graduate students in the university is total to keep stable. Anticipate in "Twelfth Five-Year" Guideline,, the amount of graduate students in university will still keep on a growth, the work of graduate students in the university will still be very heavy.party central committee and state department requests: Area、each department should put the employment work of graduate students in the university at first continuely, enlarge the work strength further, develope the employment work post with many outlet, make the relevant policy laws perfectly, strengthen the service of employment practically, and by all manners to help graduate students in the university to work. Along with the situation of employment rigorous continuously, the contemporary university students have already gradually realized it is important to acquire the technical of existence ability, and not only includes widely professional knowledge、firm theory foundation、good cooperation ability, fluently foreign language level etc., more university students put forward the characteristic need of career planning, they hope to acquire scientific and normative education of career planning, in order to satisfy diverse request of society. Even the technique of the life-long education.But nowadays with the world economic globalization, the outward opening of the our country continuously extends, the market economy of socialism develop deeply, Various thought intervein, impact the thought value of the generation after 80s and 90s in university enormously. they are no longer satisfied with the inertial thinking of traditional, acquire a new information from the third medium more; They no longer stickle with the engraft of classroom, and hope to control a skill from the practice more, these make the task of the ideological and political education become complication and hardship, not only need challenge but also creative.《the opinion about that strengthens and improves thought political education further in university students from central State Departme》(《opinion》as follows)Point out definitely:Strengthen and improve ideological and political education of university students, improve their political character, foster them to be a constructor and successor of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It has an Important and profound strategic meaning with invigorating the country through science and technology, strengthening the country through human resource development. Ensure our country to establish itself in an unassailable position in vehemence international competition, ensure a grand target that build a well-off society in an all-round way, and speed up socialist modernization drive, ensure the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics is prosperous and flourishing. Therefore, it is particularly important in new situation that explore how improve the usefulness of ideological and political education in university students, expand the new method and carrierSince 21th century, career planning education of university students in our country turns into a rapidly development stage. Especially in the last few years,under the rigorous employment situation, the university students more and more feel the importance of carrying through the career planning as early as possible. Not only can pass to combine various factor to establish career direction、career target, suitable career road, but also can pass to carry out a reasonable occupation career planning, make the occupation ability of university students gets biggest exaltation. In the process of career choice and programming, the philosophy of life and value of university students can also sublimate constantly. They will unify their life developmental target with nation and society’s mutually moderate, in order to let the target of ideological and political education regression arrive to the real life, realize completely development of university students finally. So blend in career planning education and ideological and political education in university students, is an effective path to build up and exaltation real results of ideological and political education, realize the completely development of university students. And it is also a new method to solve the thought problem and actual problem together of university students, stir up to educate by himself、manage by himself, and experience by himself in university students. It is a new trend that adjusts the ages develop and satisfies harmonious need of society.

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