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The Theory of Li Jianwu’s Juhua Literary Criticism Style

Author LiuNa
Tutor GengZhanChun
School Henan University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords li Literary criticism corpus of chew the article essense chew the article essense type criticism style
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Li is China’s famous literary critics and dramatist, French literature research experts and famous writer. He is active in our country in 40s twentieth century. He is famous for the collection of his literary critics, the book corpus of chew the article essense established his status of literary critics, forming the unique style of literary criticism. However, his achievements" corpus of chew the article essense and the collection of literary criticism had been cover up for a long time until 1980s rediscover by people. But so far, academic research is still not enough, for its value is not give rise to enough attention.The aim of this paper is on the basis of mastering various materials, taking the " corpus of chew the article essense as the research object, and grasp his characteristic of literary criticism, trying to build the whole pattern of his critical characteristics.This paper thinks, this kind of chew the article essense type criticism has western theory and Chinese traditional theoretical foundation, with influence of his personal artistic accomplishment and personal experiences. The articles that corpus of chew the article essense were published between 1935-36 years with his pseudonyms LiuXiWei, these comments are face to contemporary writers, most of the writer are unknown yet.Li’s starting point of his literary criticism push a up to date criticism. In order to promote the development of literature history, he advocate criticism should find and elect the new critics,. Facts proved his eyeslight is keen, the newcomer who were promoted later became the writer that made great contribution to literary creation field. Li literary criticism is face to the work itself as an object of criticism, all criticism is works according to themselves, not turn to external confessions and interpretation. Li’s literary criticism is mainly impression criticism method, emphasize "soul in the adventure of masterpiece", pay attention to the critics’work experiences, feelings, this experience and feeling is intuitive, integral and unique and creative impression. Critics as same as the writers is a subject of experience and creation.The critic tried to close to writers’feeling, therefore he needs to give up his prejudices, remove armed into works. But critics have their independence, he respect but not succumbing to writers’ soul expression, and keep his own soul exists. It is better that the two subjects’ fusion as one, but the value of critics cannot be taken away, he was also use his own souls and life continue to create. the criticism methods of experience still need to "put unique impression formed to ordinance", namely criticism should have both a theoretical and standard, and will form a integrated structure of critic articles, it needs rational participation. The criteria of critical is all of humanity, the person’s entire life, and people’s mutual, emotions and feelings, with individuality of rich personalized interaction influences on formation of humanity. Although the criticism requires impartiality and freedom, also should strive to justice and freedom, but they are restrictions and difficult to reach an absolute justice. The corpus of chew the article essense‘s style has so many distinguishing features. It is an artistic criticism, it can treat as works of art to appreciate, from the structure to language to artistic conception, we can treat it as a beautiful prose one by one, it has aesthetic value too.Due to various reasons, li’s critics’method of experience mainly " chew the article essense type" criticism has achieved great successes. However, for a long time not deserve a sufficient attention, even received more accused and attack. Naturally, it has its historical conditions and the limitation of its characteristics, also, there are defects of the object who get the criticisms. From now on, despite of the insufficient of his criticism methods, it still have its realistic meanings of modern Chinese literary critics inspirations.

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