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On the Aesthetic Means of Laugh in the Theater of the Absurd

Author JiWenGuang
Tutor SunShuWen
School Shandong Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Laugh Theatre of the Absurd Weird Mixed feelings of grief and joy Freedom beyond
CLC I106.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Laugh, a basic human emotional expression, and at the same time, but also reflects a basic form of theatrical aesthetic effect. The Theatre of the Absurd appeared at a particular period of history of the twentieth century, more complex means that \For the theater of the absurd, the people are to be looked at more specific works from its dramatic nature, in the form of comedy, tragedy, or specific writers. This article from the \This thesis is divided into three parts: the first part of the theater of the absurd, \\Funny laugh is mainly reflected in the mechanical behavior of the characters, the action, the three aspects of language the repeated high drama and clichés laugh inherited the traditional comedy funny, ridiculous aesthetic means. Eerie laugh mainly gloating laugh, the terrorist death laugh, is a unique feature in the Theatre of the Absurd laugh. It person or thing of ugly, strange, the evil ingredient to the extreme fear have been issued with a defensive laugh, laugh addition to the ridiculous sex, more focused terrible imply. The second part of the theater of the absurd \The Theatre of the Absurd \Laugh ridiculous imply, reflects the people a sense of comedy consciousness with a sense of superiority; terrible imply laugh, reflect the reality of people with a strong sense of tragedy. First, traditional comedy in the theater of the absurd \it will the mocking object rise for the whole of humanity, human beings own metaphysical self-deprecating. Therefore, it is possible that the theater of the absurd is a variation of the traditional comedy. Second, in the theater of the absurd \Compared with traditional tragedy, the Theatre of the Absurd is no longer a lofty spirit of tragedy and straighten out the theatrical play activities are humble, insignificant little people, knowing what it is doing at a loss of things, overall convey the existence of nothingness, the vain philosophy of life, in addition to laugh, reveals a great desolation means that in no other way, laughing. The theater of the absurd name of \The two issues, but ultimately inevitable fall into the vicious circle of the drama itself to set by a laugh from the irony of the dramatic body. The third part of the theater of the absurd \Theatre of the Absurd thoroughly aware to reproduce the real scenes of human existence, its comedy interpretation of the connotation of \convey that nothing like this concept of Emptiness is precisely the transcendence Theatre of the Absurd, \Laugh at itself with the means of liberation, in the theater of the absurd \spiritual reflection and beyond. Theatre of the Absurd \Boils down to one thing, I think: only humans can laugh and laugh, laugh, represents a superior human thought.

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