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Clarice Starling’s Trauma in the Silence of the Lambs

Author FengXiuPing
Tutor LvChangFa
School Henan University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Silence of the Lambs Trauma Trauma Theory Guilt Recovery
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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American novelist, screenplay writer and playwright Thomas? Harris its creation full of suspense and thriller known works, the novel \The book was published in 1988, is considered profoundly since the 1990s reflect American society is one of the classic works of crime problems. The novel was adapted into a 1992 movie, released in the U.S. on Christmas Eve, overnight swept the world, the majority of scholars and critics concerns. Most of the previous reviewer from the film industry to the film's structure, criminal psychology, character, film art and other aspects of the film and the novel in-depth discussion. One of the few scholars have used Lacanian psychoanalysis, philosophy, from the work describes the horror and thriller novels and personality traits of study, but not too many people pay attention to the novel Clarisse psychological trauma. This paper attempts to interpret the novel use of trauma theory, discusses the hero Clarisse childhood physical and psychological trauma as well as impact on her character. This paper mainly divided into three parts: introduction, body and conclusion composed text is divided into three chapters. Introduction to the author and the text is mainly an overview of the status quo and text studies reviewed. The first chapter is an overview of trauma theory. This chapter introduces the definition of trauma, trauma symptoms, trauma caused by the severe impact trauma and trauma theory with literature and literary criticism of the relationship for the analysis of later chapters lay the theoretical foundation. The second chapter focuses on Clarice trauma symptoms and trauma caused her deadly impact. Clarice first experienced in childhood father died of grief. Because her mother can not afford to raise three children, she was sent to Biaoyi home. In Biaoyi home life, one morning when she heard the sheep to be slaughtered screams. She cherished great compassion, determined to bring it to escape, but her actions failed, and he is falling into the orphanage, from the middle of the night screaming sheep can not be stopped in her ear, causing her the incurable wound. Her trauma symptoms reflected in the experiences and avoid repeating previously experienced traumatic events, always involuntarily recall the terrible past experiences, these encounters as a nightmare wrapped in her mind, occupy her mind, so she was restless all day. She always tried to avoid the pain of the past but always lingering. Her father's death to heart, cherished for their survival indelible guilt. She took the shadow of childhood, until it becomes the shadow trauma imprint. The third chapter analyzes Clarice trauma recovery. Trauma symptoms and consequences of trauma to her pain, she wanted to look for the lost father and academic achievements and hard work to escape trauma, allowing wounds to be recovered. On one hand, intermittent memories of her childhood, she actually is slaughtered lamb cover a more tragic situation, more profound trauma, that his father's death. Clarice missing father always with a blurred image in Clarice's memory. In the growth of the road, at the critical moment Clarice wants asylum and relying on his father's calling, you need to find one in real life, \In order to obtain the detection of \In fact, the process of seeking psycho killer, she also seems to look for the \She tried to save the victim in order to escape the trauma of their hearts. Clarice worked hard day and night, delayed homework, she later through unremitting efforts successful completion of their studies. She at all costs to save the victim senators daughter. Eventually, her wounds can be restored. In conclusion, this paper based on novels by analyzing Clarice trauma recovery process, analyzing the author's creative intent. Authors suggest that the presence of the universality of evil and evil brings guilt caused by the devastating effects at the same time, the authors also expressed the concern of humanity, to remind people to face the existence of evil, and trying to find relief trauma way out.

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