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A Stylistic Analysis of the Foregrounded Features in Oliver Twist

Author KongRui
Tutor XuYouZhi
School Henan University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Foregrounding theory Deviate Unconventional Oliver Twist
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Stylistic analysis, the outlook is to determine the stylistic features of literary works is an important sign. According to the previous application prospect theory of language variants stylistic analysis, most scholars have focused on the study of poetry and the modernist novel foregrounding linguistic phenomenon, and rarely involves foregrounding the realist novel phenomenon in-depth exploration. The realist novel is an important stage of development in the history of literature. It is real and directly reflect and expose the moral and class contradictions exist in capitalist society. It emphasizes the originality of the plot, characters and content objectivity and authenticity, realism text language to meet in real life. Lodge (1990) by comparing the text of realism and modern, post-modernism the stylistic features of the text, the text of realism defined a set of rules, which pointed out that the language in the text of the \. \But due to the realistic novels of Dickens presents unique stylistic features of this article in his early masterpiece - \The theoretical analysis of the feasibility of the tentative exploration of realist fiction text. The foregrounding divided into two categories: deviation and unconventional. Deviation of conventional violation. This article is mainly embodied in \In the language layer, this paper mainly analyzes the novel writing, grammar and semantics of deviation and its stylistic effect make evaluations; This paper analyzes the non-verbal level, embodied in the unique children's narrative point of view and construction deviation and its stylistic effect assessed. Unconventional is a linguistic phenomenon duplication and parallel to the high frequency in the text. A brief analysis on the the unconventional phenomenon in \These reflected in the language layer and non-verbal level prospects characteristics are conducive to enhance the expressive power of the text, to better convey to the reader the internal information and theme of the novel. The same time, the study of the characteristics of these prospects can help readers better understand the novel and more deeply appreciate its aesthetic value. This article through the analysis of the prospects for the phenomenon of the realist novel \also confirmed the application of modern linguistic theory - prospects for theoretical analysis of the feasibility of the realist novel text. This study shows that there are many unique features of the prospect of the text of realism, these are worthy of our concern as well as in-depth research. In addition, it is also the the novel prospects characteristics decided Dickens Style. Through this research, we can better appreciate the writing style of the early works of Dickens and its unique writing skills and innovative.

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