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Enlightenment of Zhou Enlai’s Resolution-making Process to the Ideal Establishment of Contemporary University Students

Author ZhaoQian
Tutor ShiZhongQuan
School China Youth Political College
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Zhou Enlai Determined to experience Contemporary college students Ideal foster Revelation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Premier Zhou Enlai of the people to his noble character and charisma, became the idol of many contemporary young people. Zhou has been able to the achievements so glorious career and a great life, inseparable from youth to establish lofty ideal specification guide. It is scientifically correct ideals, and promote the Zhou Enlai life constantly work hard, tried their very best for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the Chinese people happiness. College students are the backbone of the country, and support the development of the country and the nation's backbone. Ideal of contemporary college students establish students related to the healthy growth and the country's future. It has drawn increasing the party and the country as well as the majority of the Chinese people attach great importance to. Contemporary college students in the ideal foster the process due to the many negative factors, there are some shortcomings and problems. This paper attempts to dig out the positive factors that affect the lofty ideal of Zhou Enlai establish by combing Zhou Enlai aspire process to solve the existing problems in the contemporary college students ideal establish inspiring lessons. In this paper, the method of literature searching, analysis, surveys and comparative analysis to achieve both understand familiar with the history, accurately grasp the objective reality of purpose, and thus provide a reference for solving practical problems. The article mainly includes the following sections: Introduction section introduces the significance of this study, and the the academia study of the status quo, and illustrate the ideas and methods of the study as well as the focus of the study and innovation. Chapter combing summary of Zhou Enlai's determined to experience. Zhou Enlai's determined to experience combed through a lot of literature, detailed and complete presentation. The second chapter is to explore Zhou Enlai determined to experience research based on diverse factors affect the of Zhou Enlai ideal establish. Analysis of Zhou Enlai establish lofty ideals, which factors. The third chapter is to understand contemporary college students the ideal establish the status quo on the basis of the actual research focus grasp the problems of contemporary college students ideal foster analysis problem. The fourth chapter is on the basis of the first three chapters of the study, and explore the full range of of Zhou Enlai aspire experience of contemporary college students ideal set revelation. The main innovations of this paper are mainly the following aspects: first, the system and literature summarize. Zhou Enlai ideal foster the comprehensive analysis of multiple influencing factors, the system summarizes years of research to academia. Academia in the past in this area of ??study or focus on discussing certain stage experience, or a brief summary. This paper tries to achieve comprehensive, detailed and systematic exposition of Zhou Enlai's determined to experience. Second, to play a the research practical significance of historical figures. Youth Zhou Enlai combined with the current ideal of university students establish more realistic guiding significance. Third, to explore the scientific and feasible method. The Zhou Enlai determined to experience the main influencing factors analysis and foster the ideal of contemporary college students revelation is the main innovation of the article.

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