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Exploration on the Middle School Moral Teaching Process under Teacher-Student Intersubjective Perspective

Author WangJing
Tutor LuShaoJun
School Shandong Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords teacher-student intersubjectivity middle school moral education class teaching process
CLC G631
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Teacher-student relationship is the most basic , most often, the most active interpersonal relationship in education and teaching.The status of the relationship between teachers and students directly determine the teaching attitude of teachers and students, the process of education, educational methods and the final results.Under the guidance of different theory, the teachers and students relationships have different characteristics.Under the guidance of subject-object dualism in educational practice,making teaching and learning activities, in a certain sense, fell into a one-way action process.The subjectivity of education, has always been understood as merely emphasized the subjectivity of teachers. In recent years, the theory of intersubjectivity is gradually accepted by more scholars. Intersubjectivity theory has broken the traditional "subject-object dichotomy" philosophical thinking mode, fundamentally reseted the teacher-student relationship, and has initiated a series of transformation in educational philosophy. Both resumed the teacher-student relationship’s natural features in the basic understanding, and proposed the new education position in the concrete operations.Using it to guide the teaching of moral education in middle school,teacher-student relationship is conducive to be optimization and harmonious, and the teaching effectiveness of moral education will to be enhanced.This paper mainly uses the literature study, comparative study, the chart method andother research methods.Intend to carry out an exploration on the middle school moral teaching process under teacher-student intersubjective perspective from four parts:The first part is an overview of intersubjectivity theory.Make a overall introduction from the intersubjective meaning, intersubjectivity and the relationship between teachers and students, and so on for teacher-student intersubjectivity, and reach the conclusion that intersubjectivity is the proper meaning in middle school moral teaching pocess.Combined with the characteristics of moral curricula describ the significance of construction the middle school moral teaching process under student-cheacher intersubjective perspective. The second part isthe formulation and implication of the moral Curriculum intersubjectivity teaching theory.Basedon the current situation analysis of the teaching process on moral education under the guidance of different theories. Put forward the guiding ideology, the main features and basic aspects.The third part is the construction approaches of the teacher-student intersubjectivity in middle school moral teaching process.Separatelyfrom construction of intersubjective teacher-student relationship,based on communication practice, return to the life world, and reconstruction of intersubjective teaching evaluation system four aspects carry on the inquisition.The fourth part proposed several issues should be payed attention to. Intersubjectivity must focus on " the creation of the effectiveness of speech",pay attention to retain the diversity of educational subjects and to avoid alienation of the relationship between subjects with new ways of communication and so on three aspects, to make further supplement and consummation.Secondary school moral education is not only the transmission of knowledge and ethics, but also to focus on human shape.Therefore, building a rational, science teacher-student intersubjectivity in the process of moral teaching, is of great oretical and practical significance.That can perfect main body personality of pupils and improve the modernizationof training and education.But, because current domestic about the study of teacher-studentintersubjectivity is not very thorough,combined with the complexity of the process itself in the secondary moral teaching,so for how to build moral teacher-student intersubjectivity,how to improve the effectiveness of moral teaching, we require further exploration.

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