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Research on the Security Scheme of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Based on the Trust-value

Author WangLi
Tutor WangTianQin
School Henan University
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Clustering Service group Trust Key share Public Key Infrastructure
CLC TN929.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of network technology, wireless transmission technology based mobile ad hoc networks (Mobile Ad hoc Network MANET) began to emerge. Mobile ad hoc networking with traditional wireless network differs from that: the mobile ad hoc network does not require any fixed infrastructure, capacity and status of all nodes in the network are equal, the work of the network are the nodes in the network completion of the consultation. In addition, all the nodes in the network are in the active state can always enter or leave the network, the topology of the network presents the dynamic changes in the characteristics. Therefore, the traditional wireless network security protocols have been unable to apply well in mobile ad hoc networks which. Identity-based mobile ad hoc network security solutions and fully distributed security solutions for mobile ad hoc networks proposed program is divided into. However, the presence of key fixed nodes can not move easily attack the problem in the identity-based security solutions; while fully distributed solution to the lack of effective control and management, so that the calculation of the node consumes too heavy, too much traffic, thus increasing the difficulty of implementation. In response to these problems, this paper designed an efficient security solutions for mobile ad hoc networks can better adapt to. The paper work is as follows: 1 for all nodes in the network is divided into a number of clusters, which have up a secure connection node elected cluster head node connected to the cluster head security at the core node cluster head node together constitute the cluster service group . Dispersion function of the key generation center to a service group node by service group node to complete. The same time, the service node cluster key and secret share generation cluster nodes Report message authentication, new node authentication and key periodic updates, thus reduced the overall cluster nodes The amount of computation and the traffic. However, the service group of nodes is not fixed, but with the update of the cluster dynamically election, in order to avoid service group node to become a network bottleneck. 2 between nodes trust evaluation mechanism, through inter-node interactive behavior to the node between the trust degree carried quantify, compare the neighbor nodes Confidence and trust degree threshold value, to judge neighbor whether the existence of malicious nodes and promptly report to the cluster service group. The service group by deviation from the test to verify that the report is true, to take appropriate treatment. The introduction of the idea of ??the public key infrastructure authentication node by node authentication parameters to the node identity information and key node and the node's secret share bundled, certification for identity node in the network. Cluster update, you can verify node authentication parameters to determine whether the node has updated eligibility. 4 defines the a cluster key node key broadcast information within the cluster cluster public key encryption only node in the cluster can decrypt. The communication between nodes in the cluster by the node key encrypted in order to ensure the confidentiality of the contents of the communication between nodes. Inter-cluster communication through the cluster head, with the session key between cluster heads. Cluster a node for communication with other clusters of nodes, the first message sent to the first cluster, the message encrypted by first cluster after forwarding, after forwarding purposes cluster in first by decrypting and eventually reaches the destination node. Comparative analysis. Theoretical superiority of the program to be verified by simulation.

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