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Study on the Strategies of Building High-speed Railway Urban Spatial Form and Landscape Architecture in the General Areas of High-speed Rail Site

Author ZhangLiMin
Tutor DingJianMin
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Landscape Architecture
Keywords High-speed rail site Urban space development mode Urban spatial form Urban landscape features
CLC TU984.113
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the enactment of China's \Integrated transport hub for high-speed rail has the lead role in the economic development of the city, especially in the site vicinity have great impact on land use, spatial morphology and landscape features of the spatial structure of the entire city and the site area. China's high-speed rail is still in the initial stage of construction, and no mature experience to draw on, domestic theory more blank. This article is for the study site area to the high-speed rail, and focus on the development of its space mode urban spatial form and landscape features. The paper consists of six parts. The first part of the introduction, the explicit subject of study, research significance, research methods, as well as to define the scope of the study. The second part of the relevant concepts defined and domestic and international transportation and urban development, urban spatial form, ecological landscape theory and research results were reviewed and summed. The third part of the development of the world's high-speed rail and its site region practice review and in-depth analysis of the TGV site of Lille, France and Germany at Frankfurt Airport integrated transport hub of the region's urban spatial form and landscape features, and take full advantage of the world's high-speed rail and the overall development of the site area , summarizes the morphology of urban space and landscape features of the site area of ??the high-speed rail. Fourth summed up the general site area of ??high-speed rail development mode of urban space based in part on the theory and practice as well as the strategies and methods proposed to build urban spatial form and shape the urban landscape features. Respectively, from the perspective of the macro, meso and micro research and elaborated. The fifth part of the combined domestic Wuhan station Yang Chun Lake District, Changchun West Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao integrated transport hub planning program, a comprehensive analysis of the site area location and space development mode urban spatial form and landscape features to interpret the above strategy. The sixth section summarizes the basic conclusions of this paper, and pointed out that the lack of and the direction of future research work. The main part of this article, including the second part, the third part of the (research-based), Part IV (basic thesis), Part V, Part VI (conclusions use). Among them, four, five parts is subject important analysis, assertion part, based on the high-speed rail, high-speed rail site region of space development mode, urban space morphology and landscape characteristics of the impact factors carry out analysis, proposed to build urban spatial form and the creation of a city landscape features strategies and methods, and the combined domestic planning cases Quan analysis.

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