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A Study on 0ptimizing the Structure and the Spatial Layout of the Urban and Rural Construction Land in Jiyang County

Author XuHaiChao
Tutor WangZuoMing
School Shandong Normal University
Course Management of land resources
Keywords Urban and rural construction land Structure and layout Suitability assessment Optimization Jiyangxian
CLC F301.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The land is the material basis of human survival and development, is the most valuable asset of mankind. To speed up the process of urbanization, on the one hand, the rigid demand of urban land; On the other hand, attracted a large number of migrant influx towns to settle, but limited to the household registration system, the increase in urban land use and the rural homestead reduce , bi-growth urban and rural construction land phenomenon, urban and rural construction land conflicts have become increasingly prominent. Optimize the structure and layout of the urban and rural construction land must be strengthened in order to coordinate urban and rural development, a reasonably normal operation to protect the national economy. Optimize the structure and layout of urban and rural construction land is not only to alleviate the contradictions among the urban and rural land, improve land utilization efficiency objective need, is an important way to promote land saving and intensive use of the basic foothold in urban and rural development. In this paper summarizes the research theory, gain relevant practical experience on the basis of Jiyang County, for example, using SPSS and Excel data statistical analysis functions and GIS spatial analysis functions in the analysis of the 1996-2008 Jiyangxian urban and rural construction on the basis of the structure and characteristics of the layout and Dynamic Evolution of urban and rural construction land in Jiyangxian scale structure and spatial layout optimization analysis, preliminary design of urban and rural construction land optimize the integrated programs designed by construction land urban and rural space-time optimization to solve the urban and rural construction land contradictions, optimize the structure of land for construction, promote urbanization and socio-economic development. Main results: (1) from the space-time point of the analysis of the dynamic evolution of urban and rural construction land in the past thirteen years Jiyangxian found bidirectional growth with the accelerated process of urbanization, urban and rural construction land demand, but the change in the growth rate of slow the trend, which is because rural residential finishing intensified. The same time, land urbanization level has also been increased, the proportion of rural residential land showed a downward trend, structure and layout has been optimized. (2) the forecast Jiyangxian total population and level of urbanization. Population and level of urbanization forecast predicted the scale of urban industrial land, the demand is greater than the planning indicators issued by the Jinan City. By further of unit urbanization level of the rate of change of the rural population, forecast 2020 rural population number. The per capita standards for land and idle the Homestead sample survey method estimates the size of the rural residential land, size is less than the status quo. Construction land in urban and rural areas to optimize on the number of scale can be achieved. (3) use of MapGIS and SPSS software, using cluster analysis of rural residential land suitability evaluation according to the appropriate level to adjust the layout of rural settlements; combined with urban development planning, land generally use planning and basic farmland protection planning extend urban construction land suitability assessment and analysis of urban construction land expansion direction and limiting factor. (4) on the basis of the above study, the establishment of the optimization mode Jiyangxian urban and rural construction land structure and layout. The two aspects of the structure and spatial layout of urban and rural construction land scale optimization exploration initially established technical ideas and methodology for the optimization of a set of regional and rural construction land, urban and rural construction land structure and layout optimization from theoretical studies towards the The practice and exploration, but there are some deficiencies and the need to further explore and practice.

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