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Research on the Competition and Risk Control in Rural Financial Markets

Author BaiJiShan
Tutor WenTao
School Southwestern University
Course Finance
Keywords Rural finance Market competition Risk control
CLC F224
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the deepening of China's market economy reform, the rural economy and rural finance and promote each other, interdependent relationship is more significant. Whether it is the realization of agricultural modernization process, or to promote the building of a new socialist countryside, rural financial need effective support. However, the state of the lack of long-term competitiveness of the rural financial market has led to inefficient financial services in rural areas, thus restricting the healthy development of the rural economy; stagnant rural economy further inhibit the growth and development of the rural financial market, and thus form a kind of vicious circle, the rural financial risks continue to gather. Therefore, the promotion of rural financial markets form an effective competitive landscape, and the potential financial risks in the financial markets in rural areas to be identified in advance, guard against and defuse a virtuous cycle of development pattern to promote the rural economy and rural finance, promote the building of a new socialist countryside and urban and rural economic integration, has a very important theoretical significance and practical value. Conceptual framework of this study will be the objectives of the reform of the rural financial market under the conditions of market economy-oriented rural financial market in the theory of financial development, competitive strategy theory, the theory of financial ecological environment as well as the theory of financial risk on the basis of competitive strategy and risk control; the use of a combination of qualitative research and quantitative research methods, in-depth study of the current situation and problems of China's rural financial market development, risk control issues in the competitive situation of the rural financial market as well as the rural financial market competition, and finally put forward on the basis of sustainable rural financial markets development of competitive strategy and its corresponding safeguards Lei. Of this study include the following: the first chapter, Introduction. Definition of the problem, the proposed research goals and ideas, and the research methodology for this research, as well as the overall research path and frame structure. The second chapter, theoretical draw. This section is a review and summary of the basic theory involved. Review the theory of financial development, competitive strategy theory, the theory of financial ecological environment, and the theory of financial risks on the basis of the conceptual framework of the rural financial market competition and rural financial risk control. Chapter 3, China's rural financial markets grew with problem analysis. Review and combing the process of growth of the rural financial market in China, and process analysis, to provide a basis for a follow-up strategy formulation. Chapter IV, analyze the state of competition in rural financial markets. Empirical analysis of competition between China's rural financial market. Chapter 5, the rural financial market competition risk control. Build the rural financial risk early warning indicator system, using rough set method to establish the weights of the various early warning indicators in the index system and the establishment of rural financial risk early warning model, then using the model of provinces and cities of rural financial risk profile was calculated. Chapter VI, the sustainable development of rural finance competitive strategy. Core objectives and principles of the proposed competitive strategy and competitive strategy specific implementation to elaborate. Chapter VII, research findings and policy recommendations. Through the study found that China's rural financial market is facing competition Lack plagued traditional rural financial institutions in the rural financial market competition disadvantage in competition with non-agricultural financial institutions, the risk profile of the rural financial market is not optimistic. China's rural financial market by the moderate competition, risks controllable competitive strategy to achieve sustainable development of the rural financial market. Measures to actively nurture rural financial market players, the Code of Conduct by a standardized rural financial market to enhance the efficiency of the allocation of financial resources to promote the innovation of agricultural payments system, improve financial operating performance, to build a fair and orderly competition in rural financial external environment to build a moderately competitive controlled behavior competitive market, to enable them to effectively meet the financial needs of the rural economy body, promote the adjustment of industrial structure in rural areas and rural resource optimization configuration. Rural financial market competition strategy should implement effective prevention and control of the rural financial risk, and promote rural economic and financial coordination and sustainable development of rural economic and financial development of mutually reinforcing virtuous cycle.

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