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Research the Most Important Influencing Factor in a Subjective Evaluation about the Acoustic Environment in Concert Hall

Author LuZuo
Tutor LengYuHan
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Building Science,
Keywords Concert hall Acoustic environment Subjective evaluation Multiple regression analysis Factor analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, a large number of concert halls were built to reinforce the cultural life of local people; some of the objective conditions after the completion of the concert hall are difficult to meet the subjective requirements for the acoustic environment. Currently, there is no scientific method to explore a corresponding subjective evaluation of acoustic environment of the most fundamental reason, so nothing measure can be carried out in the concert hall to get rid of an embarrassing situation.Research conducted some interviews in Changjiang university concert hall, the results of reverberation time measured meet the design standards but the subjective feelings is poor, the problem in acoustic environment was discussed, and exploring a subjective evaluation method in the country after the completion of the concert hall, and then find out the experience advices influence the subjective evaluation acoustic environment of concert hall.The research uses the questionnaire survey, field observation, to study the acoustic environment in Changjiang university concert hall. Questionnaire is based on the principle of comprehensive, discrimination and applicability to build evaluation factors, take the music students for the evaluation of the main body, using random sampling method, under the coexistence of a variety of performances to evaluate the acoustic environment. Status of the field observation to describe the main concert hall, analysis of its spatial form, material, detail and acoustic treatment practices, and the initial cause of the problems found in the discussion.The results of the questionnaire were used in multivariate statistical analysis. To identify the reviewers agree on the extent of evaluation factors, the use of descriptive statistics and variance analysis of the applicability of the evaluation factors; for the study to evaluate the overall association characteristics and multiple structural relationship of environmental factors by using correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis of factors; to find the overall assessment of acoustic environment most fundamental reason, the use of factor analysis in principal component analysis will be able to explain the acoustic classification of environmental factors, each factor contains the factor of directivity, and thus identify the most important factors.The results showed that the most important factor of acoustic environment in concert halls is the uniformity, combined with the problems found in field observations, put forward proposals to improve the concert hall acoustic environment. Research method also studied the applicability of certain evaluation factors which need further research, the methods which limit the application of professional concert hall; the evaluation object of knowledge is also limited to a certain acoustic music lovers, hoping to play for the follow-up study of reference effect.

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