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Research of the Regeneration Strategy of Wuhan Solitary Landscape

Author DaiLiu
Tutor GuanKaiXiong
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Landscape Architecture
Keywords Wuhan Solitary landscape Protect Regenerate Strategy
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Wuhan has a long history and cultural city, witnessed a large number of changes in the history of Wuhan, Wuhan remains scattered in every corner. They used to be the symbol and pride of Wuhan. However, the rapid development of the city in the present process, the old city texture is changed, the context is reset, the loss of precious historical relics of the original environment of support, isolation, or fragmentary to be retained, Jie Li solitary existence even gradually decline, seems incompatible with the new city, becoming one of the city a "lone King."They should have the glory and the historical and cultural value also will be annihilation.As more and more "solitary King" was demolished in urban renewal, urban history keeps missing, leading to lack of urban characteristics, "thousands of the city side" of frequently staged. Therefore, the study "solitary King" renewable, so that they both become nodes in the urban context, highlighting their cultural and historical value, and consistent with current urban development and people’s aesthetic needs, as cities such as style, landscape, history, social aspects of a new growth pole. In this way, the people who holds the memories of pain and joy, and has a strong sense of belonging, people familiar with the "lonely scene", no longer stand alone deposit larvae, but carrying the rich history of the new landmark.This paper defines the scope of the study on "the Solitary landscape" had a definition, select the representatives of Wuhan City. King from Wuhan city status of the lone starting field research and background data collection, did find that there is considerable city of Wuhan solitary scene. Through the analysis of a large number of relevant research data and related instances of the inspection, this article will be divided into three parts.The first part introduces the domestic and international research and practical experience; The second part describes the city of Wuhan, Wuhan, status and distribution of lone King, King of the problems alone, and the issues summarized. At the same time, this section refer to the King alone together with my students research studies, that the value of evaluation and solitary scene, the lone King under the conditions of their own resources, including history, science, culture, art, emotion and the use of value and The state of the environment conditions surrounding landscape will be divided into five grades alone to guide the strategy paper presented to the King alone. The third part is the above two examples of the theory and analysis of the current landscape of past isolated phenomenon similar heritage protection by the regeneration method used, and then through the analog analysis, different values for the classification of solitary scenery and different the situation remains status quo, the Solitary landscape summarized the various regeneration strategies feasible.

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