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Study on the Relationship of Brand Experience, Brand Love and Brand Loyalty

Author GeJing
Tutor YangXiaoDong
School Jilin University
Course Business management
Keywords Brand experience Brand love Brand Loyalty Product involvement
CLC F273.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Marketing literature, brand loyalty is an important value for the establishment of enterprise marketing advantage has been controversial. Scholars: brand loyalty of consumers from brand awareness to the unique value, and are willing to pay more for the brand; brand loyalty to create more market share; brand loyalty can also bring a good reputation to attract new customers. With the upgrading of the level of the consumer, the consumer demand is changing, too. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, when people's basic needs are met, people began to pursue a higher level of needs. So when consumers buy products not only focus on the quality of the products, pay more attention to enjoy the pleasure of the consumer experience the product or brand process. Brand experience has become an important variable to influence consumer decisions. The existing experience marketing studies have shown that has an important impact on the consumer experience, customer experience, loyalty and purchase behavior. Brand experience, scholars proven brand experience of satisfaction and loyalty effect. However, the above study is mainly concerned with the existence of a positive relationship between the two variables, paid little attention to the brand experience and brand loyalty relationship to the formation of the intermediate variables. Should exist between the brand experience and brand loyalty based on consumer behavior in the cognitive - emotional - behavioral theory related to brand affect constructs already proven brand experience and brand love between the positive positive relationship, and studies have shown that in order to cultivate brand loyalty of consumers, the need to cultivate positive emotion to the brand, the consumer, such as brand favorite brand love and brand attachment. This article attempts to establish a new theoretical framework model, depth brand experience, brand love and brand loyalty relationship. This paper argues that brand love has a mediating role in the brand experience and brand loyalty. At the same time, the product involvement has a regulatory role in the brand experience and brand love and brand love and brand loyalty relationship. Review of previous literature, to determine whether the research used to construct scale, and the degree of cell phones and shampoo products and low Involvement products were determined in this study, high involvement by the pre-research. In formal research, convenience sampling method, 350 questionnaires were distributed in Changchun two universities and a questionnaire Star website, the final 306 valid questionnaires. In this study, by using SPSS16.0, and Amos6.0 tool for data analysis, and an empirical test of the hypothesis put forward by using regression analysis. Ultimately draw the following conclusions: First, the brand experience brand beloved significant positive impact the brand love have a significant positive impact on brand loyalty. Extraordinary brand experiences that encourage consumers to produce a strong emotional brand, promote the formation of consumers' brand love, consumers generate positive emotions help consumer brand loyalty formation. Second, the brand experience significant positive impact of the presence of brand loyalty and brand love in the relationship of brand experience and loyalty play an intermediary role. Third, the product involvement has a regulatory role of brand love and brand loyalty relationship. And low product involvement, brand love and brand loyalty relationship more closely. The main significance of this study lies in-depth study of the relationship between the brand experience, brand love and brand loyalty, and verify that the intermediary role of the brand love in the relationship between brand experience and brand loyalty, and product involvement on brand love role in the regulation of the relationship and brand loyalty, and enriched the field of theoretical studies of the brand experience. This study also brand practitioners provide a theoretical framework for an experience economy era to create brand loyalty, which helps them to create an extraordinary brand experience for consumers unique brand beloved to further foster consumer brand loyalty.

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